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The warmth of light

by:Longjian     2020-10-15
Buy a lamp, hundreds of thousands of, still Shouting your meal, 800, not expensive! 600, make a hair on pipe 6 hours not expensive! Tube 6 months brigade swim 3000, not expensive! Thousands of he to play two or three days to buy clothes, not expensive! He wear a quarter or two to buy an apple mobile phone, 7000 is not expensive! Just buy lamp with a two years, it's too expensive! But don't know, lamps and lanterns is it used for years, even more than a decade, spend a lifetime to know that person's life can buy several lights back to a good light, buy to return, how many rings spring, summer, autumn and winter light good atmosphere around the family of light sweet, good mood, how many happy times these don't is worth money?
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