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The United States in the past two years LED lights consumers multiply, LED lighting, LED lamp price, LED lighting brand

by:Longjian     2020-10-16
The United States in the past two years LED lights consumers multiply two-thirds of americans have been buying home LED lighting products, and than the first two years ago, almost doubled. Consumers buy solid-state lighting ( SSL) General lighting products mainly to family. Their lighting choice from incandescent and compact fluorescent lamps ( CFL) Converted to the LED lamps and lanterns, primarily by colour diversity, low energy consumption and energy star certification. People survey of recognition of the advantages of the LED lamps, LED replacement tide is fast, but should not be ignored is that CFLS still occupied the most market share - - - - - - - In the past 12 months, people buying the biggest is still a CFL. By next year, however, this situation may change. More than half of those surveyed said they bought in the past year CFLS, but only 41% of the people to buy LED lights. The survey was conducted in February, at that time, each big brand is not produced than CFLS cheaper LED bulbs. But the price is not the consumer's attention. More important to most consumers brightness and life, and in these areas, LED lighting is far better than the CFL. For citizens who have not yet bought LED lights seems to be the quality of the LED technology and characteristics of a misunderstanding. When choosing lamps and lanterns, the importance of each attribute, according to the investigation of in-store products and their display is the most important source of consumer demand information. This means that the buyer needs not only exquisite packaging with product information, but also need to be an attractive price information, such as instant discounts or utility daily specials. Only 18% of respondents said they would go to electric power department to know the purchase information of the light bulb. Survey data show that bought the LED lamps and lanterns of consumer is likely to be the next still choose LED products, and those who want to build intelligent household consumers are more likely to buy the LED, rather than a CFL. In addition, in the field of intelligent lighting, consumers the most emphasis on your price. About two-thirds of consumers said the price is the most important factor in deciding whether to buy smart bulb. As the price of the smart bulb has also started to decline, function and lighting performance may soon become a more important driving force to buy. What force in manufacturing to people more and more high quality LED lighting lighting products, hotline: QQ:
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