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The types of electric fireplace

by:Longjian     2020-10-22
Rich products, diversified to meet low, from the perspective of style electric fireplace products involving Europe, rural, modern, post-modern, mixing and so on dozens of kinds of optional product design style; From the perspective of material, electric fireplace products related to metal, marble, wood, glass and other rich choice space, can be combined with all kinds of household design; Low from the Angle of the size, electric fireplace products can realize the customization of all kinds of special size, also can meet the villas, apartments, clubs, places of entertainment such as the requirements of different size; 'From the Angle of the installation environment, electric fireplace products are embedded, unique style, suit type, portable, convenient ways and use different stages; Low price from perspective, electric fireplace products range from one thousand yuan to ten thousand yuan of above wide price range of products.
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