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the \'taj mahal of mcdonald\'s\' which was once the largest in the country complete with four dining rooms able to seat 225 and and three fireplaces is razed to the ground after 42-years

by:Longjian     2020-03-30
A McDonald\'s in Missouri, known for its opening in central China as the nation\'s largest
1970 s, has been demolished.
The Springfield store, located at 1607 East Battlefield Road, was destroyed on Thursday and all debris was placed in a trash can.
According to the billboard at the location, a new McDonald\'s will be built and is scheduled to open by August.
When the store opened in 1976, it was called \"McDonald\'s Taj Mahal\" by company executive Ray Kroc, news reportsLeaderreports.
According to ky3, it is said that he liked the store very much, so he built another five similar stores. com.
In 1977, the store won the National decorative award in the category \"Best New Store.
The theme of the restaurant is the old farmhouse, which can accommodate about 225 people.
The restaurant consists of four restaurants, a fountain and a large flowerpot.
There are three rooms and even their own Longjian fireplace.
An article on the news says the latest McDonald\'s is number one in many ways.
Lead file reading.
The country atmosphere in France and the latest equipment have been maintained.
Each restaurant has its own theme.
The \"kitchen\" room has wooden floors, fireplace walls stacked with trinkets, a copper chestnut heater, a French milk can, a wooden bread paddle and a 10-
Ft Oak table with stylized chairs.
The \"public room\" was designed after the 18 th century, featuring a walkway decorated with stained glass windows to the \"kitchen room.
White wax Cup, tin-
On the fireplace in the second room was a pistol with a powder horn and a medieval water clock.
The interior of the \"library\" is a carpeted area surrounded by a lead glass railing and a circular fireplace.
The room was decorated with the curtains of the cottage, and books were placed on the windowsill.
Visitors can see the stream flowing under the restaurant and a curved bridge leading to the lily pond.
There is also a \"garden room\" where water falls from a brick copper fountain.
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