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The sitting room lamps and lanterns should be how to choose and match? ___ zhongshan lamp act the role ofing

by:Longjian     2020-09-25
The sitting room lamps and lanterns should be how to choose and match? The sitting room is reflected master taste room decorate household, also represents a household decorates the facade, so the decoration of the sitting room is very important, and lamps and lanterns is important part of the sitting room is decorated, lamps and lanterns of the sitting room decorate not only need to consider the styles of lamps and lanterns, the type of lamps and lanterns and light intensity, because the lamps and lanterns is not just about the indoor lighting, also have adornment effect, the next will be presented combined with different style of sitting room lamps and lanterns of different reference opinions. 1, the modern style of sitting room lamps and lanterns decorate modern style the main style of the sitting room is generous, simple, so we can use the droplight with contracted style to decorate the sitting room, and the types of droplight is much also, common on the market has a continental candlestick type droplight, Chinese style droplight, crystal droplight, sheepskin lamps, etc. And dining-room use single head droplight, general bedroom and sitting room droplight is bull droplight more, so that the living room style diversification and luxurious degree, distance off the bull droplight should not less than 2. 2 meters. Fresh and lively and is also one of the main characteristic of modern style living room, so the sitting room decorate the another solution can be used to absorb dome light of lamps and lanterns to decorate, normally absorb dome light well cover to absorb dome light, ball absorb dome light, pointed oval absorb dome light, half sphere absorb dome light, half shallow spherical dome light, small oblong shield absorb dome light, etc. Design is easy to match, more used in the living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, etc. , and can be directly installed on the ceiling, the installation process simple, style and modern style living room is also build, build a comfortable and easy space. 2, Chinese style style living room decoration lamps and lanterns of Chinese style style exquisite composed atmosphere, make the best use of wood elements to create a natural and comfortable space, when Chinese style living room decoration lamps and lanterns so multi-purpose absorb dome light, floor lamp, ceiling lamp design. Give a person with round droplight, wen wan. Shape exquisite symmetry, one white one black color contrast, chimney with Chinese style element graphics hollow out design, convey the spirit of traditional culture, and the whole bedroom style formed an organic whole. General floor lamp is Chinese style wooden floor lamp, with strong Chinese style, showing the charm of Chinese unique aesthetic restoring ancient ways, it can not only relieve the stress in your life, can also be thick family living environment, and Chinese style style living room unique barrier design for indoor add a warm and harmonious atmosphere. 3, the sitting room of Europe type style, decorate if the sitting room of Chinese style style of lamps and lanterns is a kind of inner beauty, the sitting room of Europe type style is beautiful outside. European sitting room decorate exquisite luxurious riches and honour, so the choice of lamps and lanterns, general European sitting room is multi-purpose do main decorative crystal lamps, chandeliers, around with embed dome light and lamp as auxiliary. Although crystal lamp is ou shi sitting room lamps and lanterns is good choice, but crystalline light size we need to consider the area of the sitting room, if the sitting room area is small, and too much lamps and lanterns can bring to the sitting room a nondescript effect. Same crystalline light when the choose and buy should pay attention to not too complex crystalline light, otherwise it will cover a sitting room adornment effect. Head rest or watching TV in the sitting room, should use soft light, so light dome light and shoot the light is more good auxiliary lamps and lanterns, not only save the energy, also added a local lighting, reduce the family's visual light and shade effect is poor.
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