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The sitting room lamps and lanterns of choose and buy American what skills? Lamp act the role ofing tell you!

by:Longjian     2020-10-02
The sitting room lamps and lanterns of choose and buy American what skills? Lamp act the role ofing tell you! Is in addition to the bedroom, sitting room people to stay for the longest one place, it is not only the center of the whole family activity, where they are required to receive relatives and friends. So in the choice decorates sitting room lamps and lanterns, must choose carefully. Generally speaking, the living room by adopting the combination of overall and local illumination method to meet the requirements of the sitting room lights. 1, the first thing you should consider is the color of the light problem. According to the thesis of the sitting room is tonal, is it warm or slants cold, choose the light of the changes in temperature. 2, the second to consider the effect of light, that is, according to the size of the whole space of the sitting room and the power to determine their own sitting room lamps and lanterns need to how much light to let a sitting room bright. The sitting room is dark corner can consider to use the floor lamp or wall lamp ornament effect. 3, consider the lighting, lighting style, style of lamps and lanterns and the collocation of the sitting room the problem by themselves. If your lamps and home decorate a style, and so on, then you will feel all day become out of lamps and lanterns, which will affect your mood, and so on. 4, the appearance of lamps and lanterns and grade problem, must first of all, the appearance of lamps and lanterns and sitting room size, style such as coordination, the second is to strive to elegant, strictly avoid costly. In housing is equivalent to the faces of the sitting room, if the choice of lamps and lanterns is too flat, can let a person feel humble, if made too luxurious, it will certainly cause invisible pressure to visitors, put don't open hands. 5, the strength of the light to moderate, the theme of lamps and lanterns lighting neither too dark nor too dazzling, strives to achieve light and shade is appropriate, let a person feel relaxed, not pressure. 6, of the sitting room wants the lamps and lanterns collocation is good, if your sitting room is taller, can choose to light up on the big droplight, but also should let the lamps and lanterns and upper retained a certain space, good to narrow the gap between light and dark space. If your sitting room is low, you can choose the lamps and lanterns of type suction a top and floor lamp, such sitting room appears more lively and generous, very artistic breath. When American sitting room lamps and lanterns of choose and buy from you, can be combined with relevant considerations at six o 'clock, small make up summary oh ~ may help to you
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