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The sitting room lamps and lanterns is how to choose and buy?

by:Longjian     2020-09-04
Lamp, not only provides light for the home, also is the art of decoration in the space. Lamp decoration of modern art is also an indispensable part of in domestic outfit, choose a artistic lamp, can let oneself bedroom add light color. Modern art lamp also is we often choose a kind of family adornment lamps and lanterns, many times we choose modern art lamp can have the feeling that, too. Modern art lamp picture is we choose lamps and lanterns is very good reference, because through the pictures show art lamps and lanterns. Many people don't pay attention to in the home of lamps and lanterns, think it is just a small parts, in fact, a beautiful sitting room lamps and lanterns is not only the lighting, furniture accessories, so a sitting room with what lamp is better? Sitting room lamps and lanterns of choose and buy? 1, general lighting: the area is generally larger than the other area of the sitting room, so when picking the sitting room lamp still need according to its size and height. If only a dozen flat, and irregular shape, so choose to absorb dome light; If sitting room and dining area is open, then select flat light may be better. If your sitting room is tall and big, so can according to your interests, age, culture, perceptions of comfort and warmth and standards, as well as the demand for light style and choice. Generally speaking, the ordinary lights make the sitting room for no reason, so you can choose the lamps and lanterns of adornment sex is strong. 2, local lighting: when it comes to a particular part of the overall space, people will think of the fringes, many see the floor lamp, wall lamp in daily to adorn adornment. Imagine: when watching TV and reading, turn off the overhead light open floor lamp is not dazzling, and the environment is quiet and elegant. But because each function of the sitting room of the family, such as sitting room have to act as a role of family, the sitting room lamps and lanterns is useful. In general, neither too dark nor dazzling dazzling, when the sitting room, can close the main lighting, open a wall lamp. 3, according to decorate a style to choose: as is known to all, the characteristics of every country to form a kind of style, small lights are to be consistent with the. Such as the Europe type style of the bedroom, suitable for chandelier, crystal lamp; If American country of bedroom, sitting room lamps and lanterns don't need too gorgeous, too fancy. If it is a Chinese style of the bedroom, you can choose the new Chinese style art lamp; If rural style, then choose too ornate chandeliers that restore ancient ways.
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