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The sitting room installation absorb dome light? Learn the steps to install will __ zhongshan lighting

by:Longjian     2020-09-23
The sitting room installation absorb dome light? Learn the steps to install will we all know that the sitting room is a family's overall core level, the sitting room decorate good or bad, for the overall decoration effect can have a big impact, the sitting room besides common decorate, also should pay attention to for the selection of the lamp, absorb dome light is more common but in the face of market so many products, in addition to sitting room how to absorb dome light installation is also want to know. The sitting room installation absorb dome light? A, will absorb dome light of two power supply into line with the reserved wires connected and the test wire contact with insulating tape after good is good, and let two wire to maintain a certain distance, if possible try not to put the two threads in the same piece of sheet metal, in order to avoid short circuit, produce risk. Second, floors high building and smallpox condole with occasional shock room suit to install absorb dome light. Because of the dome light the lamp body is directly installed on the roof, need to undertake the weight of the dome light, the relatively stable connection. Brick roof installation of dome light embedded bolts should be used, or with bolts, nylon or plastic plug, don't use wooden wedge fixed, so weak. When installation should pay attention to whether these fixed a carrying capacity to absorb dome light weight basis, to ensure absorb dome light fixed solid, reliable, and can prolong its service life. Three, if using a screw lamp holder in the dome light, its connection also note the following two points: (1) phase line up on the terminal of contact, the zero line up on the thread of the terminal; (2) the lamp holder of the insulation shell should not have broken and the leakage, to prevent electric shock when replacement bulbs. Four, families with children should be paid attention to in the home, warning a child not to the article such as lamps and lanterns of throwing balloons, in case of lamps and lanterns ornaments or chimney fall break a family. Absorb dome light lamps and lanterns should note when installation and installation connected firmly, joint must be able to withstand the equivalent of dome light with 4 times the weight of suspension without deformation. See above to introduce you to the living room to absorb dome light how to choose and buy, we will choose the time, must go to a regular store, find a good brand, and then identify selected, it can better guarantee the cost performance, in addition to absorb dome light how to install the sitting room, general brand of products will have professional personnel to install, so say they simply do not have to worry about.
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