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The simulation can electric fireplace heating, what's the characteristics and advantages of it

by:Longjian     2020-10-20
Electronic copy fireplace is to use LED light source, ceramic fiber carbon pile with three-dimensional simulation, simulation of wood burning fireplace, fireplace it can produce beautiful flame effect, to achieve the purpose of decorated the house, there is also a part of the heating function. Electric fireplace as a kind of household electric appliances, with a clean, safe and reliable, convenient loading and unloading, etc. In comparison with, gas fireplace, there would be no soot electric fireplace, strange smell, can not only save the heating cost, also can bring the elegant ornamental effect. The use of simulation electric fireplace place is not limited to monomer building such as villa, TOWNHOUSE, in the average house, apartment, hotel, office building can also be used, and the height of the size of the room without limit, it can be installed according to master be fond of in any corner of the room, don't need any fixed, placed directly on the ground, very convenient to install. When used with full remote control switch, high low heating control, simple and convenient. If it is a holographic simulation fireplace, can have more hyperreality electric flame, super simulation 'holographic three-dimensional dynamic flame', holographic three-dimensional 3 d fire, with adjustable wood burning or sound, the burning flame, carbon dust, Mars fall there are random switching, this is a traditional electric fireplace. ' More knowledge of the fireplace, welcome consulting fireplace!
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