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The principle of electric fireplace and size of the golden ratio

by:Longjian     2020-10-19
Winter coming soon, your heating problem solved? In the north, collective heating is basically all urban household heating way, and some of the suburban, rural, independent villa is a separate heating, more and more cold in the south, residents very eager desire for the heating. Now, electric fireplace can solve your desire for the warm, let you warm up in winter. Today, we simply introduce the principle of electric fireplace and size of the golden ratio.
fireplace has experienced a wood-burning fireplace, gas fireplace and electric fireplace three forms. Electric fireplace is the introduction of the principle of the European classical production technology and modern sound, light, fireplace in traditional fireplace design based on the change, make it more green environmental protection and have more hot real wood burning effect. The electric fireplace heater for heating wire, it is to use the heat generated by the fan heating wire blew out.
electric fireplace gold size proportion is: 1780 mm ( Long) * 1100 mm ( High) * 175 mm ( Wide) Friend, you need to install the electric fireplace can choose the right position to put in the room. Usually electric fireplace for the appearance of thousands of yuan, the price of size again big, the price will be high, in the process of actual sales, the majority of consumers will choose the golden ratio of electric fireplace. In addition to the size, the style of the electric fireplace is also can be customized according to be fond of.
the above is the basic condition of the electric fireplace. In the southern city of cold won't last too long, electric fireplace will be very convenient for the cold weather, the power consumption of not too much, and have adornment effect of the electric fireplace to store more easily than electric heaters, electric appliances, beautiful and practical. Choose electric fireplace, let the winter warm beautiful!
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