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The principle of a lighting design

by:Longjian     2020-10-17
1. Functional principle of lighting design must accord with the requirement of function, according to the different space, different occasions, different objects to choose different way of lighting and lamps and lanterns, and ensure the appropriate intensity of illumination and brightness. The conference hall, for example, a lighting design should adopt vertical illumination, requires uniform brightness distribution, to avoid glare, general appropriate chooses overall lighting lamps and lanterns. 2. Decorate beautification environment and beautiful sex principle lighting is an important means of creating artistic atmosphere. In order to decorate the interior space, increase the spatial hierarchy, apply colours to a drawing atmosphere, adopt the decorative lighting, use adornment lamps and lanterns is very important. Presumably in architecture, environmental design of commercial buildings and entertainment, more become a part of the overall lighting. Not only have the effect of guarantee lighting lamps and lanterns, and very pay attention to its shape, material, color, proportion and scale, lamps and lanterns has become indispensable to space decoration. Lighting designer through light and shade, looming, rise and fall, strength, and so on have rhythm control, give full play to the role of the brightness of light and color, using a variety of means such as transmission, reflection, refraction, create sweet and downy, quiet quiet and tastefully laid out, chief use for delight is romantic, brilliant, gorgeous, festive, rhythm and lively emotional appeal, mysterious and elusive art atmosphere, added colorful appeal for people's living environment. 3. Economy principle lighting doesn't have much as well, with strong win, the key is scientific and reasonable. Lighting design is to meet the needs of people visual physiology and aesthetic psychology, make interior space to a large extent reflect the practical value and appreciation value, and achieve the unity of the use function and aesthetic function. Flashy lights rather than the icing on the cake, gild the lily instead, at the same time cause the electricity consumption, energy waste and economic losses, even can cause light environmental pollution and damage the health of the body. The brightness of the lighting standard, because the definition of the purpose and distinguish the different requirements, choose standard are different. 4. Some safe and reliable security principles of lighting design requirements. Due to the lighting from the power supply, must be taken strictly prevent electric shock, prevent the security measures, such as open circuit in order to avoid the happening of the accident.
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