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The performance requirements of desk lamp

by:Longjian     2020-10-17
Writing desk lamp in the normal working position, three main optical performance requirements ( 1) Shading sex under normal sitting position, the person's eyes to the horizontal direction, should see the inside of the lampshade and light source; ( 2) Desktop illumination requirements lamp work area should be 250 lx - 500 lx, low intensity of illumination should be p 120 lx. ( 3) Illumination uniformity requirements should ensure that the lamp of the work area, intensity of illumination is relatively uniform, does not produce bright or dark spot in particular, only to ensure that the optical performance of the three basic requirements, to reduce the fatigue of eyes, can be called is a writing desk lamp. Style style classification according to style: modern desk lamp, antique lamps, Chinese traditional european-style lamp, desk lamp, luxurious, simple, fashion, etc. According to the material classification are: metal desk lamp, desk lamp, crystal lamp, resin lamp, glass solid wood desk lamp, ceramic lamp, etc. Wrought iron lamp advantages: fashion, modern, modelling diversity, suitable for decorating a joker, price is low. Disadvantages: easy to rust. Crystal lamp advantages: suitable for luxurious decoration, beautiful, rich, one dimension is big, thick luxury. Weakness: the fragile, the price is high. Wooden desk lamp: advantages: classical, modelling is simple, suitable for Chinese style to decorate, price moderate. Does disadvantages: easy to fracture, rub off, glue. Acrylic desk lamp advantages: small volume, low price, convenient to carry. Disadvantages: not grade. Resin lamp advantages: suitable for European style decoration, light body structure is complex, elegant style. Faults: long fade easily, the price is high. Jade lamp advantages: exquisitely carved, high collection value weakness: the price is high, is fragile. Ceramic lamp advantages: art, classical, diverse styles, entertaining, durable, price moderate. Weakness: the fragile.
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