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The new trend of the market consumption of lamps and lanterns

by:Longjian     2020-10-18
In recent years, the market of lamps and lanterns, household lighting lamps and lanterns of competition mainly concentrated in function, modelling, process and the application of new technology, material change, etc; And the consumption demand of market of lamps and lanterns also displays nine characteristics according to the above several aspects. A, functional subdivision people are not merely content with the lamps and lanterns lighting function, is suitable for the requirements of the use of a variety of lamps and lanterns arises at the historic moment. Students lights, emergency lights, fluorescent lamp, lamp, writing glow lamp, lamp, floor lamp of different height of dinner etc. Product. Second, the modelling of luxury high-grade office buildings, luxury hotels, restaurants and other public facilities of decorative lamps and lanterns is luxurious, high-grade. Magnificent fancy chandelier, lovely crystal lamp, your kind offer of the white lotus lamp, cold deep lamp, the lamp lens, add some spice to the life of people. Three, advocate natural cater to people's psychology of piao guizhen, advocate natural, according to the survey, 30% of the lamp is acted the role of the nature of the modelling design, such as plum flower wall lamp, tail lamp, peach shape lamp, horses and other animals modelling lamp, used in a variety of wooden sculpture, is no less true arts and crafts. Lampshade material widely used in paper, wood, yarn quality, vulture has pattern outside, combination of art and practical. Four, color is rich now lighting market and colorful life, more 'colorful' cloak, a maple leaf red, natural blue, coral, yellow, grass green, etc. , color, appear elegant and warm. 5, will use a combination of lighting lamp and everyday items together is also a daily popular fashion, such as ceiling fan lights, round mirror lights, flashlights yellow light etc. Six, high technology with electronic technology is widely used in the manufacture of lamps and lanterns, to adapt to different voltage, can adjust the brightness of the third generation of lighting lamps and lanterns. No flashing light, three wavelength chromatographic adjustable light, far-infrared radiation red light and so on can have vision protection function of lamps and lanterns also took to the market. Seven, muti_function change, such as electric lamp, desk lamp, and a bed lamp as photosensitive telephone lamp, night call, indirect lamp can light up automatically, after the call is hang up delay 50 seconds and can automatically go out. During the day, make a phone call, the lamp will not light. It combines many functions in one of the lights, very accord with the current consumption fashion. Eight, energy conservation and energy saving lamps and lanterns is very popular with consumers. If use 3 led core electric longevity energy-saving lamps, can choose according to need brightness. At the same time, the widespread adoption of new energy-saving light bulbs also become a mainstream technology for lighting products. Nine, green environmental protection is the new topic of lamps and lanterns of production technology, according to people's attention to bedroom environment, authorities believe that this is the main direction of future home lighting.
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