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The new fireplace will see, how to use seven simple steps ignition

by:Longjian     2020-10-18
1. A few small spark for the fireplace ( Or buy special lighting - It is better to high content of resin wood) 。 2. To prepare 6 - 8 more timber drying. 3. Four large log into cross placed in the fireplace, and the smaller piece in the middle. 4. Light up with a small piece. 5. With that piece of combustion ignition to ignite the remainder of the log to small pieces. 6. Use the rest of the larger logs to push down into another layer or two layer. This produces the air circulation in the chimney effect, thereby helping to catch fire. 7. Now, just sit down and enjoy the comfortable warmth brought by the fireplace with ornamental flowery flame in the hearth.
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