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The modern nature of light weight with the coefficient of heat transfer to present a solid fit for thermal equilibrium

by:Longjian     2020-08-22
Therefore led line light with a green effective personality has begun to replace the other Nordic modern lamp products. At the time of outdoor lighting design, is to be able to use led lights in the night or other better foil out of the scene of the original style, further increase the charm of scenery, so want to know first outdoor lighting design, and set up what needs to be expressed behind, such as setting up the landscape lighting to suit the designers need to express ideas, create a more beautiful scenery. Nordic Nordic modern lamp manufacturer of modern lamp is to build the key role of light and shadow, it is rich in color and environment can be created like a fairyland fantasy charm. Urban landscape engineering using the line with so many led lamp, look at the urban landscape of colours, the night will know that its colour and lustre is more abundant than projection lamp. But also need to according to different season, the concerned prospective different designs city-lighting design scheme. Is awarded to the use of lighting lighting art, not a city life, and to build a unique urban atmosphere, therefore the outdoor lighting design is to strengthen urban art feeling, make the residents emotion in scene, from the memories revive at the, clever use of outdoor lighting to highlight the personality of the buildings, the outdoor lighting has the efficacy of sex, practical, make urban outdoor lighting not stranded in the ornament sex, outdoor lighting, but to achieve dramatic art beautiful outdoor lighting, to better use the combination of light and shadow, the topography and geomorphology, green plant, water and other important part at the time of the night, beautiful sceneries can eat. Manufacturers led buried lights Nordic modern lamp shell general basic is extruded aluminum shell, there are some surface anodic oxidation processing, to distinguish the way: unprocessed softening trace not erase, processed softening traces can be removed. Important is the design of the shell size, the cooling capacity, nature, weight with the coefficient of heat transfer has a strong suitable thermal equilibrium, avoid the lamp bead damage is on the rise, in view of this, a more recent set purpose strong products. Due to the use of led as light source, consumption is less. Even with very much led lamp line, therefore the energy consumption will not make a big burden. And the LED light than ordinary light projection distance, high resolution. Wash the wall lamp is a kind of have a lot of use of outdoor lamps and lanterns, can be used in the building lighting lighting, outdoor lighting, ancient architectural structures, park lighting, bridge lighting, such as a huge number of rope, and the effect is excellent, get the favour of a variety of customers. The modern lamp key usage or lighting lighting, will create into a wall will roll screen, brilliant. Especially for Bridges, if there are water spray effect, is more attractive, like a rainbow.
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