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The modern lights in different time can be achieved according to the requirement of power

by:Longjian     2020-08-26
Because the modern lamp can be intelligent power control in the different period of time can realize automatic power adjustment according to the requirement, so the use of geographical and rated power is different. Controller of choice is often a problem has been ignored for a street lamp manufacturer, the quality of the controller layer is poor not neat, 12 v / 10 a controller in the 50 - market price 200 yuan, although it is worth a small part of the whole street lamp system, but it is a very important link. Controller is the equivalent of a human brain, if the brain is bad, then the system also cannot use. Solar street lights can be a long service life, and through the period of time to trim the power work at night, general engineering manufacturers can choose light as the modern lamp lighting, but the modern lamp quality level of poor, droop serious could light attenuation 50% half a year. So be sure to choose the light that droop slower, the modern lamp mainly to heat dissipation and of constant current, constant current can pass plus a constant current driver or use a constant current controller, heat dissipation must rely on aluminum to heat dissipation, good is underneath the aluminum plate increase copper or brass to more effective heat dissipation, good control of temperature, the Nordic modern lamp life will be longer. After sufficient argumentation and professional design of the modern lamp lens, can let the light energy utilization rate of 95% or more, can be in the same plane as much as possible the distribution of light, make the light brightness increased, at the same time also can play the important role of energy saving. On the market the modern light frame panel light glow there are two ways, namely side shine and shine. The primary difference between the two is whether the guide plate. Side lamp luminous panel using the guide plate ( PMMA) Technology, according to the arrangement of light plate lamp bead and lamp bead light Angle branches of light guide plate design, make the light through the brightness uniformity effect of light guide plate, general light rate at about 93%. Thickness 8 mm - lamps and lanterns 12 mm, can be applied to smallpox condole carries on the lower.
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