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The modern light show beautiful and practical

by:Longjian     2020-08-31
In industrial design, there is a term called the human-computer interaction, namely the man-machine harmony between communication and experience. Cars, for example, comfortable sitting there, driving operation convenience, etc. The modern lamp design. Good lighting design product can make people with light and emotional changes, rather than being isolated and disconnected. It's also one of the lighting has been adhering to the concept, the family and union of photograph of domestic lighting, lighting art will people and family function together, and as the harmony of man and living environment of the whole. These ideas benefit from daily communication with foreign architect and industrial designer. People choose the light of modern art, usually focus on lighting lighting effect. Nowadays, when choosing lighting, people not only pay attention to the lighting effects, but also pay attention to its appearance. Modern lighting design is usually begin from illumination, USES the computer aided design, calculation of lighting position and distribution curve of the intensity of illumination, and then carries on the structure design, and then by a graphic designer in terms of product shape design, to meet the requirements of product function by the owner of the lamp. In this premise, should as far as possible and beautiful appearance, comfortable and durable. Nowadays, people's work and life pressure is relatively high, so it is widely with nature, advocate natural state of mind. In order to cater to people's psychological, modern lighting is a combination of art and practical, such as plum flower wall lamp, fish tail lights, peach shape lamp modelling lamp, etc. It USES all kinds of wooden sculpture art, this as arts and crafts. Modern lighting has many advantages, it is one of the very environmental protection, energy saving, fully meet the requirements of the modern people to low carbon life. Use high-tech modern lighting. Although modern lamp power is very low, but their light output than incandescent lamp (of the same power For example, energy-saving lamps) Much higher. The wide use of new energy-saving light bulbs has become the mainstream of modern lighting products.
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