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The modern light refreshing

by:Longjian     2020-08-29
First of all, the modern lamp with high luminous efficiency, permanent color, low power consumption, long service life, safe and reliable performance, no glare, no ultraviolet and infrared radiation, low noise, environmental protection, etc. And with excellent quality through the CE certification, 3 c certification, GS certification, certification, and successfully set up lighting laboratory, quality inspection standards and technology of the formed in Europe and the United States. The modern lamp in the past few years, the decoration industry with a minimalist style. Accordingly, many lighting companies follow the trend, and launched the modern style of lamp lighting products. 1. Materials ordinary incandescent light bulb openings made out of tin, easy to rust. Better quality of light is usually made from aluminum alloy. Rusty 2. Better lamp is usually double tungsten lamp filament, now the most common is the LED light source. The modern lamp lighting durability and overall appearance of is a good choice. Long tome Lin modern lamp lighting specializes in northern Europe. 3. Brightness the modern lamp lighting brightness of far more than ordinary tungsten filament bulbs. Large wattage of the lighting is enough, and energy saving and consumption power. 4. Price as the saying goes, don't just buy cheap when buying a lamp light, because the quality and price is directly proportional to the absolute, so pay for products is also very meaningful. 5. Certification depends on whether the product has the 3 c certification qualifications, and view its contents. Many people sitting room without Windows, so the light is not very good. When the sitting room in rainy days, even more black, which brings to the owner of a certain pressure. In this case, you can use a few reasonable design to highlight the three-dimensional space, so that Yang after the sitting room appears bright. 1) Auxiliary artificial light: light can produce a kind of interesting administrative levels. Add a few auxiliary light source appropriately, especially modern lamps and lanterns, simple reflection on the ceiling and wall, can reflect more warm effect. 2) Unified color: backlight should not use boring of the sitting room is tonal. As a result of the limitation of space, some color will destroy the room overall soft and warm feeling. However, furniture of paint of dumb light with white ju wood veneer. Shallow cream-colored floor, smooth brick; Wall shallow blue moves, can break through the color dim and rise to adjust radial action. 3) Increase mobile space: off-the-peg furniture in the living room will inevitably produce a few a spot as yet untouched and destroy whole intensity. Solution to this contradiction is established according to the specific circumstances of the sitting room furniture, and set aside space as much as possible. , keep the fresh visual sense.
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