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The modern lamp installation have to be careful

by:Longjian     2020-09-07
The lamps and lanterns of the kitchen often choose to waterproof, prevent lampblack and easy for cleaning is a principle. Usually in the upper table setting embedded or half embedded astigmatism absorb dome light, embedded transparent mask adopts transparent glass or plastic, such a simple ceiling, reduced the dust, grease the trouble. Furnace top general smoke machine, furnace cover inside a small incandescent light bulbs with contact, to provide illumination chamber of a stove or furnace. If the kitchen and dining-room, can be installed on the upper portion of the light fire lift that cover sheet or more than single fork droplight. Appropriate light source use warm color incandescent lamp, is not conducive to use cool color fluorescent lamp. Stair lights and instructive as the theme in the hallway lights lighting, Nordic modern typically use a light on incandescent lamp or absorb dome light, tube lamp or wall lamp. Double switch switch should be set of lamps and lanterns, the installation is upstairs, downstairs and two control, sound and light control switch is popular, too. If the rest on the ornamental modelling, should add the spotlight to enhance adornment effect. Do not too strong but light and shadow, lest produce dazzling light. First: everyone at installation time, please be sure to confirm the power was turned off, or need to install an unpowered for wire and reserve a place! Otherwise the life is safe! Second: two thread into the line of power supply connected to the Nordic extremely simple lamp power supply, electric contact, wrapped in black tape, respectively, to keep a certain distance, if possible don't put the two threads in the same piece of metal, in order to avoid short-circuit, dangerous. Third: if the cap used in northern Europe contracted lighting, the wiring should pay attention to the following two points: ( 1) Phase line of contact terminals should be connected to the center, the zero line should be connected to the screw terminal; ( 2) Lamp holder should not damage the insulation shell and the leakage, to prevent electric shock when replacement bulbs.
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