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The modern lamp has a generous and beautiful

by:Longjian     2020-09-06
Due to the Nordic architecture generally do not do hanger, apart from some old houses can be hidden disorder structure, circuit and so on, can do some local, but most of the hanger or not. So there is no heavy droplight, matching can also choose some droplight, can first use a lamp, also can build atmosphere as auxiliary lamp, became the northern wind is light. Installation is common role. People can feel the wind absorb dome light can't fully fusion of northern Europe, only imagine absorb dome light is suitable for the modern, the lamps and lanterns of Chinese style household, it is not you don't have to choose the appropriate absorb dome light have design feeling. With the development of the New York times, people's life in the pursuit of higher quality, but price rises, especially in the forbidden area of the building, a lot of people can't afford to buy houses, even if house prices more expensive, also can't afford to against the enthusiasm of the people to buy a house, every desire can be in a big city has its own position, owning a house to a sense of security. But, even if it is not easy to save enough money to buy their own houses, if chaos building is decorated, also don't know where to start, the whole people like ants on the hot pot, restless. Nordic modern lamp can be developed on the basis of European style development, as we all know, the new range of opening up, a large number of European immigrants into America, gradually form a pattern of the modern world, boreal Europe style we say generally refers to the North America ( Basically, the United States) The wind, the American decoration. The Nordic modern lamp should be selected according to the star hotel to order and decoration style, should with the hotel decorate color photograph echo. Nordic modern lamp not only can't keep progressing, but also with snakeskin. Can also according to the size of the hotel grounds and the appearance of the lights to choose. The modern lamp is generally to hang in the living room or dining room in the hotel, so we must choose generous beauty of suction Nordic modern light may be hanging the modern light. Different brands of the modern lamp in the outside is the same.
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