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The modern lamp has a design and beautiful romantic effect!

by:Longjian     2020-08-25
Although all the furniture in the style is very simple, but very many in the lamps and lanterns, jewelry and other details. Special Nordic modern light lamps and lanterns collocation a variety of hang a picture and act the role ofing is tasted, let the life more colorful. Lamps and lanterns of the modern and post-modern style lamps and lanterns is not much of a difference, postmodern lamps and lanterns to change from the European design art, the fusion of other various trend, with unique appearance to attract consumers. Its distort the shape of the spiral upward, under the bright lights, like serpents dancing figure, whether by design or satisfy the appearance is people pursuit of postmodern note. The modern lamps have the styles of lamps and lanterns, French luxurious ( *, classic style) , classic ( More modern color) , leisure, Also is the rural wind) 。 This kinds of style. All look good. Mainly under the lighting effect. Some crystal lamp is more time, also not good match in the whole style. Absorb dome light and the selection of crystalline light relatively choose according to the overall style of home decoration. In the modern lights Nordic style decorating simple point said actually contracted, color white. With fluent line droplight is a very good choice, this kind of boreal Europe style lamp act the role ofing is more simple and easy, more impressed match it in people's minds, and do not break dignified space aesthetic feeling. The modern lamp six stars, eight of star, than traditional pentagram, more romantic and mysterious color, from the design effect, also have adornment art more. Paper chimney, the random distribution of the holes, to give light on the wall to form the dappled light, form more beautiful romantic effect, the chimney of white, looks match the bedroom style during the day, night become bright stars, light up the whole room romantic warmth.
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