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The modern lamp design is what concept

by:Longjian     2020-09-14
In general, the choice of the modern lamp manufacturers is based on the material of products, size, quality, technology, packaging and other details to carefully set a reasonable price. Therefore, according to the product pictures, only before see two similar products, the price is unable to compare. Looks almost the same as lighting products. Different manufacturers in the production of different specifications, different materials, different electronic devices, even wire, lamp holder and screw also have good and bad. Including the thickness of the material, the craft is excellent, used in packaging materials will affect the price. Boreal Europe style emphasizes functionality, 'people-oriented' design, and advocate the tradition and fashion innovation. It has several features: 1, the color. Color is a symbol of vigorous vitality. Scandinavian minimalist style is good at using large area of pure bright color and light and color match, create a comfortable living atmosphere. Color and black and white, universal, often as the main tonal, or important the ornament of color use. 2, wood. Wood is the soul of interior decoration. In order to be helpful for indoor heat preservation, northern europeans in indoor when decorating, heavy use of heat insulation performance is good, basically without the fine processing of logs, larger maximally keep the original color and simple sense of lumber. 3. The minimalist. Minimalism is simple to the extreme, sensory contracted neat, elegant taste and the thoughts, cheerful easy visual experience. In the household design of boreal Europe style, LED lights are often typical expression of minimalism, that by the simple furniture modern simple way of life, plain and neat and pure as the pursuit of many people. Minimalist home side for urbanite, your soul, in the city of numerous and complicated for the heart to find a habitat. Minimalism until today has become the mainstream of Chinese design style, many designers use various types of today's China is a minimalist design, at this point, the minimalism in on behalf of the elegant, refined, modern fully accepted the domestic market at the same time, has become the mainstream of the current Chinese design style, become a fashion.
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