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The modern lamp design idea of how?

by:Longjian     2020-08-28
The modern lamp, it is a necessity, is also a kind of decoration, but also a embodiment of taste and style, choose droplight and wall lamp or floor lamp is not good, destroy hard pack out home points minutes too. Modelling concise and elegant, pay attention to form aesthetic feeling, do not rely on decoration. The modern design is popular in the world, with its simple natural style and has a lot to do with the people-oriented design concept, the design of the humanitarian thoughts, functional design method, the combination of traditional crafts and modern technology, quiet zhiyuan, the modern way of life, these are the source of the Nordic design, namely life, '' style. Inspired by the Nordic forest and light, hand blown glass shape of trees in the forest. Often with white gives priority to tone, use bright pure color for the ornament; Or in black and white and dichromatic give priority to tone, not to join any other color. Space gives a person the feeling of clean and clear, no messy feeling. Small make up like the modern lamp, so for the modern light some classic of Nordic modern lamp is like! Design, is the light body structure, photosynthetic efficiency and layers of review. Structure optimization and structure evaluation, market review, price review, proofing, parts inspection, the whole lamp then review, quality clearance, small batch trial production, to the end of plane advertisement, product name, product perfect, record the ERP, product information, forming a loop system. Only strictly monitor every detail in place, to make each lamp into perfection. When it comes to the modern lamp, people would think of near the Arctic Circle in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, this a few countries. Their very special geographical position, has a long winter, contrasted climate, lush forests, however, the vast waters of the natural environment and provides rich resources for them. So the Nordic designers not only to draw inspiration from the beautiful nature, and know how to effectively use this kind of talent resources. In architecture, for example, designers do not change the natural environment around easily, let the imagination to create in the integration of the natural growth. Even if in different season, different light, the home and natural be in harmony are an organic whole. Such good care environment, protect the natural consciousness reflected in all aspects of the design activity. The modern lamp of these products have in common is: on the design and manufacture of high quality, the production of series and price rationalization, Finnish design classic is to satisfy most of the people, all kinds of these classic is also extremely valuable brand, their spirit with the exquisite craftsmanship and Finland. The creation of the product thanks to designers and companies long-term cooperation, in the years to deal with the same material, production method and in collaboration with the same manufacturer, designers have time and opportunity to develop expressive force and the implementation of the technology.
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