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The modern lamp act the role ofing to the influence of the sitting room of atmosphere

by:Longjian     2020-09-15
The sitting room is the modern lighting how to choose the modern furniture store in some professional lighting? The modern lighting is everywhere in our daily life, and for a variety of lighting equipment, such as housing, clothing and furniture store. The sitting room is the modern lighting lamp manufacturer are inseparable with various forms of expression. Urban construction spot light; Track light, spot light effect may create tourist tunnel, etc. The importance of the modern lamp act the role ofing is obvious. 1. Lighting effects will be according to the size of the whole space and sitting room lamps and lanterns of the power to decide how many lights in the sitting room, which can ensure the brightness of the sitting room. Usually, if the light is very dim, can consider to use the floor lamp or wall lamp to decorate the interior. 2. The style and the style of lamps and lanterns must match the sitting room. If home lighting and household adornment style, the appearance of lamps and lanterns must be out of date. It will also affect your life. Therefore, at any time, in our family in the sitting room decorate the Chinese style, lighting must match the lamps and lanterns of style of style. 3. The shape of the lamp and the shape of the modern lighting must be coordinated with the size and style of the sitting room. In addition, it is necessary to pursue in the sitting room in the new China lamps and lanterns is elegant, and don't choose the shape of the luxury and awkward. If the choice of the bulb is too dull, people will feel very old. If very extravagant, certainly will bring tourists invisible pressure, make people when things can't let go. It is well known that the center is the living room of the building, is the soul of the sitting room advocate the lamp. However, because of the sitting room pattern of each family is different, when choosing the living room lights, also need flexible collocation according to the actual situation of different style of light. When the choice, please consider the actual situation, in order to make the whole sitting room will not appear drab and worn out, but not too ambitious, only need to grasp a certain degree. 4. Light color according to the sitting room, see you choose is cooler or warmer color; If your sitting room is cold, you can use a few warm color to neutralize the atmosphere of the sitting room.
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