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The minimalist. Leave a blank [to the life art of singles Contemporary and contracted LED droplight]

by:Longjian     2020-10-15
The minimalist. Leave a blank [to the life art of singles Contemporary and contracted LED droplight] Caitlin rented a 111 - square - metre in brooklyn, New York's house, a person lives, there is a small black cat with her. Room layout is Jane and Jane, empty, is full of color art, the most important thing is not too trouble to move in the future. Restaurant is very spacious, a big stage desk are custom-made, is not only the dining place, also can be use as a table. Against the wall with a group of ark, used to receive some sundry. What are placed at the bucket on the ark? Some print elegant bottle container canister, brought a little emotional appeal of the life. Most of the adornment picture on the wall is a friend of Caitlin's work, as an art academy girl, with his paintings to decorate your home with friends is a how happy thing. Although decorate is coarser, tall, good daylighting advantage is high and spacious room, to enjoy the free person, experience is more comfortable to live. A simple sofa, is the focus of all in the sitting room, can when bed to use as needed. Sofa back against the window, in my spare time, here is the best reading corner. Sofa, there are many only hold pillow, lie on it must be very comfortable. These hold pillow cover is made of old carpet, fabric and other DIY. A long wooden table covered with green plants, has brought home the fresh air, beautiful color, and unlimited fun. A colourful carpets, looks soft and comfortable, now has become a meow star people favorite place to stay. The bedroom also chose the large area of white space, concise and pure. With the sharp contrast is carpet, hold pillow, such as cloth art adornment, which make the colour in the room no longer drab. Ark of wooden boxes which were purchased from online, the desktop lamps exquisite and simple brief vogue, flavor restoring ancient ways is rich. The wall of the bench is made by our own hands. In the original room some unnecessary furniture were throw out, leaving only like, need, leave home use more possibilities. Source: and home network
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