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The luxury hotel with fireplace

by:Longjian     2020-10-21
Today we will go to look at the luxury hotel with fireplace. Bhutan barrow COMO villa hotel COMO villa hotel owned by Bhutan COMO very famous company. In the hotel, the fireplace is transformed into a large, open-air brazier the is located in the Himalayas and often hit by extreme weather Bhutan is very good. Also COMO villa hotel is equipped with a private butler provide two bedroom suite, where you can enjoy the panoramic view of the valley. Lake tahoe, California ritz & middot; Carlton hotel lake tahoe is a famous ski resort, and many tourists travel destination in winter. Located in the great lake in the ritz & middot; Carlton hotel has outdoor fireplace, you can be sitting in front of the fireplace, the fire and looked up at the starry night sky. Gigi resort (Utah Amman Amangiri Resort) Amman gigi resort fireplace compared with other hotel fireplace might not be costly, but absolutely practical. Covers an area of 600 acres ( About 240 hectares) Amman JiJiDu resort is located in southern Utah Four Corners the grand canyon, the canyon around the desolation of the desert and gobi, fireplace just have played an important role in adjusting the big temperature difference in the desert. Porto, Portugal, 'terman' terman hotel bacchus suite design seems to have become synonymous with romance, the suite covers an area of about 150 square meters, equipped with a rotating bed and a private balcony, two showers and copper bath crock of a big enough to accommodate two people. Of course, also equipped with a fireplace with a unique design here. New York Mellon, Manhattan hotel Mellon, fireplace in the lobby of the hotel lobby floor all the way to the ceiling and is pure manual forging. Mellon, porch of the gate of the hotel is designed to be light in the dark at all times, but you still can find some other design personality, such as package this handmade soft leather and plastic, with the wall of the brutalist sculpture, brass pieces of furniture. The French megeve The Park hotel Lodge The Lodge Park hotel is very popular in France. When after several days of play, only a day of time also have not cannot out in front of the fire in the hotel lounge. Irish Laois Ballyfin hotel Ireland Laois Ballyfin many fireplace installed in the hotel, because Ireland is relatively cold climate, this design is very popular.
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