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The light of modern art elements

by:Longjian     2020-09-08
In the modern art lamp, LED acrylic plastic lanterns and LED lanterns, used as a scene lighting lamps LED plastic lanterns. Very representative. Art lamp has other advantages such as less heat, miniaturization, echo time is short and so on, these make the art of lamps and lanterns has great advantage. Art lamp is Chinese knot led products made of ordinary light pole lamp modelling, can be installed on the light pole, and street lamp lit at night, for the night scenery of the city street lighting products, led application led double light creative lighting art scene, with the help of a light pole clever support, make integral quality, light color and lighting and landscape culture, make the street appears is open, ups and downs, beautiful and modern city atmosphere. Art lamp now sell like hot cakes, but also brings many problems, because the product sell like hot cakes, intensity of competition in the industry is very big, the quality of art lamp changes with the price. , the art of the light on the market price is different, and even have a plenty of heaven and earth. Warn broad customer friend at the same time, always at the same time of buying art light don't strive for low prices. At present, most of China's LED lighting products are imported from abroad, so they will still be affected by the foreign economy. Raised the price, it has a negative impact on the art of China light industry. But less species, competition, and provide price considerations, many consumers 'distance', this also is many manufacturers there has been no standard production management mode. To change the status quo, first of all, from the start to reduce the production cost, reduce the threshold, closer to consumers can accept the price.
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