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The light of modern art decoration

by:Longjian     2020-09-08
Lamp in the usual use of modern art, it is important to note that many observations. If the tubes are with dark hair and dark places, or on both ends of the tubes get red, flashing, beating, etc. That explain tubes has been aging, need to replace the new tube in time, otherwise, once the burn out could trigger electronic ballasts do not safety accidents. Installed on the ceiling of the lamps and lanterns, time is long will be in the thick dust, and then, when cleaning the dust at ordinary times it is important to note that not easy disassembling lamps and lanterns of accessories. Installed after the clean, the disassembly sequence again put the lamps and lanterns to good. Don't miss the screw nut, lighting accessories and so on, so as not to affect the normal use of lamps and lanterns. And when I was a child often shout hot old people often say 'to Harbin natural cool', actually it isn't so, but you all know that 'air-condition disease' in this case is easier than the occasional change fan is ok, so the question comes, big fan wind noise is not enough and there are also occupies a space, although you can install ceiling fans, but there has been a ceiling droplight ceiling fans can still where to install? Because of the high precision mold silicon steel sheet stamping out the consistency, the product clearance is small, the quality of silicon steel sheet directly determines the mute effect and the stability of the products after assembly. And different leaf, leaf fork, different specifications and sizes, including thickness, width, there are strict requirements. A slight change, all need to put forward the corresponding technical adjustment on the motor. Lamp act the role ofing, now already is not just a single function in order to satisfy the lighting, modelling on the appreciation of the beautiful sex and are equally important. Contemporary and contracted lighting offers a variety of combinations, not only meet the various functions, also can form a good match.
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