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The LED lamp is broken how repair?

by:Longjian     2020-10-18
Can LED Lantern Festival, high brightness, long life, low failure rate, average home users has become the most like a luminous body. LED lamp is widely used, both in their reading and children learning assignments. When the LED lamp fails we what? - — In the light? There is no need to! Actually LED desk lamp maintenance technology difficulty is not high also, ordinary people can operate. Small make up today about the LED desk lamp fault handling specific to tell you about. A, LED desk lamp is broken how to repair 1, determining the extent of LED desk lamp bad first to see the LED desk lamp bad to what degree, if only desk lamp light bead is broken is not bright, then is the LED desk lamp resistance there is a problem, need to change the light of the LED lamp bead and resistance. 3, LED desk lamp light to switch between the general desk lamp to be able to dim light, the light switch, if the LED desk lamp to switch, might be the governor out of the question. This case, we first take a closer look at the interface to see if there is any loose, and check whether the governor is broken. If the governor is broken will replace; If the interface is loose as long as the interface tighten. 2, LED desk lamp light bead not lit if all the LED lamp light bead is not as bright as he used to be, that means that is likely to be the inside of the lamp battery has a problem, you need to replace a new one. At the same time to see the LED desk lamp connected to the battery and power supply that thread if there is any damage, if is the connecting line working to replace a new cable. 4, LED desk lamp light not bright lights don't light main part is divided into bright bright or incomplete. If it is part of LED lamp is not bright, then cause more: for example in the process of transportation may be circuit short circuit voltage lead to light bead is broken; There is not yet ready to welding in the process of transmission, if just this reason, in the case of the detection of the power supply was cut off, the lamp bead dawn preliminary two-way plug into two head.
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