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The lamps and lanterns of different floors of the house, corresponding to different power

by:Longjian     2020-09-21
The lamps and lanterns of different floors of the house, corresponding to different power in space in domestic outfit, different floors of the family, matching LED tube lamp power, the beam Angle is different. In this special from the perspective of power, to teach you how to according to the height of the residence, to select the LED tube lamp wattage. In general, basically follows a principle: the higher the height, the matching LED tube light, the greater the power, the narrower the beam Angle also. The height and the power to choose between the 'secret' LED downlight as main lighting environment, is to ensure that the brightness of the room reaches a certain standard and set up the point type of light source. And at a low level in the different height of household space, if the power of lamps and lanterns did not choose the right, to reach the ideal intensity of illumination standard. Just think, if low profile space with a high power, narrow beam Angle of the tube light, I'm afraid will shine 'blind'; High and large space with a low power, wide beam Angle of tube light, intensity of illumination is obviously inadequate. Here see the height and the LED tube light power between 'match standard' : 1. The height H: 2. 8 - 3. 2 m, the lamps and lanterns of corresponding power: 3 - 12 w; 2. The height H: 3. 8 - The lamps and lanterns of 6 m, corresponding power: 15 24 w; 3. The height H: 8 - 10 m, the corresponding power of lamps and lanterns: 30 - 40 w; 4. The height H: 12 - The lamps and lanterns of 15 m, corresponding power: 40 - 60 w; Low-rise high family ( H:2. 8 - 3 m) : the vast majority of ordinary household family average household, the height is only 2. 8m— 3. 2 m, and some even 2. 8 m are not reached. Such low space, be careful in the choice of lamps and lanterns of power, if mishandled, could appear space more narrow presses. Suggestions on the matching of lamps and lanterns, choose embedded small power LED tube light to increase the depth and broad feeling of the space. Wattage should choose 3 w / 5 w / 7 w small wattage type, beam Angle of appropriate chooses the wide, and anti-dazzle performance is better. In this way can the long-term family members living in the eyesight health, mental state, experience that occupy the home, etc have a positive impact. Senior high family ( H≥7米) : villas, villas, duplex double entry door model, such as the height of two floors of the sitting room, usually for H 7 meters or more, and as the main lighting of LED tube light, we have to select in high-power model ( 15W— 30 w of narrow beam Angle of the LED tube lamp) , narrow beam Angle, in order to keep the average intensity of illumination of 200 lx. On the installation of lamps and lanterns, because need not limited by the height, more selective. Can be used with the already, also can use embedded, depending on the smallpox condole carries on the actual situation of domestic outfit to determine. Want to remind everybody is, in addition, the villa style often used in domestic outfit luxuriant droplight suction a top, but we has repeatedly stressed that the ceiling only as decoration lighting, but don't put them as the main lighting, only use cloth lamp 'one house one light' mode, in this environment will be damaged by unscientific light distribution design vision. So it needs to be as the main lighting with LED tube lights, supplementary illumination. Whether it is a little large family home outfit, in selection of the main lighting lamps and lanterns of LED tube light, it is recommended to use more strong design sense, concise air, light distribution anti-dazzle science, depth, and low power covers the middle and high grade of black diamond series LED tube light. In this paper, the low storey height door, high-rise tall family representatives of the two kinds of domestic outfit space, to understand the corresponding power selection scheme of lamps and lanterns, make us understand, should be combined with the height of the actual situation of good matching LED tube lamp wattage and other key information. Provide abundant illumination for space already so, also can save electricity and maintenance costs.
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