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The lamps and lanterns is same, why so big gap?

by:Longjian     2020-10-03
The lamps and lanterns is same, why so big gap? There are a lot of consumers will ask: are same lamps and lanterns, the lamps and lanterns of why your so much expensive than others? Although you is this brand, but also not expensive so much? In fact, the answer is obvious. You go to buy clothes, dozens of blocks, there are thousands of, feeling is the same as you wear out? The differences of raw materials cheap lamps and lanterns, or did the article on material, or to save the cost of the production process, the lamps and lanterns of cheap is the product itself is still guaranteed. So you go to the clothing store to buy clothes, dozens of pieces of cloth is probably the most simple and unadorned, thousands and thousands of fabric is excellent, said that truth is the truth. On the brand effect can sell hundreds of thousands of lamps and lanterns, it is the brand, will not be a general cargo! So how to verify? You go to baidu, this brand, and these will be detailed instructions, also there are even review! Although the lamps and lanterns of the lamps and lanterns of hundreds and thousands of products look the same! But, this is the most direct, the brand effect. Comprehensive lighting enterprise, many brands are not only fashionable, quality assurance, and perfect, lamps and lanterns is sold to the customer, behind can save worry a lot! Design difference is to sell a certain price of lamps and lanterns, must be in the factory have product designers, the design of the pursuit of itself of lamps and lanterns: on the one hand, on the design and color design, 2 it is to function, three is on collocation, four is applied, all did integrity requirements. General lamps and lanterns is not designer at a lower price, products are copied to the lamps and lanterns, the streets are all the same bricks to sell cheap, quick money. Just like you to buy clothes, brand shop of clothes is expensive, but are limited edition, you go to the street to buy clothes are everywhere malfunctions. Value-added products after-sales service difference to a certain extent, can provide perfect after-sales service, brand and value to support. Generally a few dollars of the lamp is no time, no cost to help you do after-sales, especially mom-and-pop stores sell lamps and lanterns, have no time to tube you what's wrong with the product. You buy clothes, such as leather store offers free maintenance service, this is the truth. Relatives recently busy to decorate bridal chamber, son hard outfit already all finished before the Mid-Autumn festival, just soft outfit now. Relative to household market early in the morning to purchase soft outfit items. Relatives is a more economical, oneself buy lamps and lanterns, were indeed shop around, found that the lamps and lanterns looked at about the same, the price can be sent too much! Why is the price difference of lamps and lanterns so big? He asked the salesman have certain experience of lamps and lanterns, from professionals know lamps and lanterns price difference so big issue! He said must first from itself of lamps and lanterns to find the reason. The material of itself of lamps and lanterns, Glass, crystal and wood, etc. ) , style is not the same, and the market of lamps and lanterns, diverse category there quality is good, so to some extent, cause price difference of lamps and lanterns! Now no matter what product, will basically set up their own brands, in shaping the brand image, will spare no effort to make a advertising, sponsorship, etc. , and generally set up the brand should belong to normal merchants and manufacturers, they must obey the law pay tax, more natural than those small producers into the cost, so the price is relatively high, so the price difference of also is larger. The composition of lamps and lanterns, including: shell, chip and power supply, these materials are diverse, there are a lot of selectivity, but may be some undesirable businessman fudge on the material of lamps and lanterns, so will use the poor quality of material to shoddy, so as to achieve a greater profit space, this also is one of reasons of the difference of lamps and lanterns. In addition to sales of lamps and lanterns, if the same lamps and lanterns in the wholesale market selling than in the stores, the market sales price expensive, this also will cause the lamps and lanterns product difference.
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