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The lamp is acted the role of transformation and upgrading of industry needs

by:Longjian     2020-09-04
Our country has developed rapidly in recent years, a a succession of high-rise buildings springing up, under the drive of market economy, the rise of the large lamp act the role ofing also have sprung up, as the original lighting brand manufacturers and merchants and consumers 'bridge' and 'link' between the characters, the rise and fall of the lamps and lanterns stores industry 'compass'. But at the same time of economic development, some holes were uncovered the lighting industry, the business model of a single, extensive management, imperfect hardware facilities for many problems such as lamps and lanterns of stores 'blind spots', as an indispensable part of market economy, the lamps and lanterns of a balanced development of the stores to good health become a key problem. Compared with home appliance, furniture, furniture and other industries, lighting industry in such aspects as management mode, high-end talent pool also exist. As these years the competition sells operator's brand consciousness gradually clear, coupled with the Internet technology unceasing seepage and consumption habits change, change traditional stores attract brands to the single management mode is the way out of the transformation and upgrading of lamps and lanterns of stores. The original lighting brands to achieve professional stores the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, to abandon the traditional stores first attaches great importance to the site management is not merchants business management mode. In matching demand at the same time, also should establish a powerful market evaluation and supervision mechanism, and the specific services to implement, namely 'link, matching, evaluation and service' to realize the ecosystem at four o 'clock this build. In addition, the lamps and lanterns stores also need to constantly optimize the channel construction, through continuously improve its brand awareness, to introduce more project user and retail customers. Through innovative management model to attract the high-end customer base, the terminal sales, product service experience, O2O feature set in one, online retailing and merchants form community of interests, by integrating all can integrate the advantages of resources, to establish the platform can exert their own advantages. Actually every business knows that 'not to make money is for the purpose of play rascal', just to make money also is to have the skills. The firewood flame high in all truth, transformation and upgrading of lighting stores help industry to realize the benign competition, cooperation and win-win situation, promote the balanced development of industry.
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