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The lamp is acted the role of original and patent must be protected

by:Longjian     2020-08-30
For lighting brands industry need not to need original, lamp act the role ofing originals need to protect this topic, the current in the lighting industry also has a larger controversial. Why will appear this kind of dispute? According to lamp act the role ofing channel editorial and Chinese news media recently visited a number of lighting companies original and patent protection are summarized for the lamp not to need to have the following several factors: 1, 2, small factory does not have research and development and ability to lamp act the role ofing enterprise boss has no sense of innovation and product protection, lamp act the role ofing category 3 is too much, production lighting manufacturers too much, there is no effective regulation way for lighting infringement events. 4, lighting design update is faster, so that there is no need to waste of resources to protect products become obsolete at any time. Actually lighting brands and apply for a patent to protect the original lighting is necessary. Since 2016 dozen, along with electric business platform of the new rules, the original product for those who violate others lamp is acted the role of the seller is a major blow. In the past, as long as the lamps and lanterns for the electric business platform to sell, whether someone is acted the role of original works, that seems to make a lot of money, others no effective control means. Original lighting works now, for those who violate others sellers, with lighting patent enterprises only need to upload original lighting works patent certificate, light can make those infringing products of the seller, or may also face a hefty fine, do more harm than good. In addition to the supply of electricity lighting manufacturers to original patent product, do physical channel of lighting manufacturers don't need? The answer is no. Do physical channel lighting manufacturer need more lighting original works, more need to protect the rights and interests of the original lighting works.
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