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The lamp decoration of modern art essential

by:Longjian     2020-09-08
Independent of the modern art lamp or floor lamp on one end of the sofa, let not direct light scattering in the sitting area, used to talk to or browse books and newspapers. Also can be in wall proper positioning of the wall lamp with chic modelling, can make the wall unripe brightness. If there are murals, cabinets, etc. , can be set to shoot the light to try to adorn invisible. Put a lamp beside the TV set miniature low illumination of incandescent lamp, hall light and shade contrast, can be reduced to protect eyesight. Modern lighting design specifications, usually is the sitting room is the actual size according to the customer to choose the size of the lamps and lanterns. Small make up in many cases of lamps and lanterns, summarizes the general house sitting room height is generally in 2. 5 - 3 meters, so the choice of lamps and lanterns does not exceed 1. 2 meters, and 4 - to pick empty 5 meters of the villa in terms of the sitting room, should choose 1. The lamps and lanterns of 5 meters to look good. At the same time, the lamp body height not less than the diameter, otherwise it will imbalance lack aesthetic feeling. Interior space for the modern style of lamp act the role ofing to decorate, so natural in the choice of lamps and lanterns, can choose a few of the new Chinese style style lamps and lanterns, and the application of the lamps and lanterns of new Chinese style to the new Chinese style style of space, can choose some space in the sitting room hung with characteristic of new Chinese style lamps and lanterns. In modern lighting design is usually the factory workshop, schools, classrooms, offices, LABS, and sports venues, and so on, mainly function of system is called general illumination or general lighting, and leave the hotel, hotel, advertising, shop window, dance halls, restaurants and other known as lighting decoration and art. At present most domestic hotel lighting for a five-star hotel. A four-star general, samsung hotel lighting design pays attention to is not much. Actually both hotel or indoor lighting, architecture, landscape planning, are faced with the needs of different customers. This includes all aspects of the modern lamp itself. With average day cylinder lamps as example, its coating quality of the cup ( How is metal, surface quality) , smooth degree of reflective cup ( So frosted reflective cup, sandblast evenness) Smallpox, when lamps and lanterns is installed in the ceiling, and surface ( Gypsum board/wood veneer) The joint tightness ( Have you light-leaking) Such details must be noticed. And in addition to lamps and lanterns, installation workers ( Process) Also vital, decorate aspects to take to ensure that the lamps and lanterns is installed in the right way.
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