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The Internet in how to change the LED modern lighting lighting industry?

by:Longjian     2020-10-16
More than 10 years of the Internet in China, five years or so hot in China, the Internet really changed the way the Chinese way of life, purchase. It changed the lighting including LED recently contracted modern lamp now, office lighting, etc? Many dealers will blurt out: 'the Internet fierce in tiger also! 'in fact, the Internet for the lighting industry,' didn't change anything. What the Internet did not change the lighting industry to think of it more than ten years development of lighting industry, the pattern of its form is almost no big change. - are basically manufacturer - regional total generation The market agent - Dealer distribution - Customers. At most is that some illiquid products the regional total generation cancelled, manufacturers - Dealers - Customers; Or manufacturer - Logistics warehouse - Dealers - Customers. A set of supply and demand situation, more than ten years unchanged. How many people speak electricity how fierce, the future will be the factory direct docking customers. But so far, no enterprise can immediately give up the important channel which the dealer agent. Why is that? 'what lighting industry because the Internet has not changed. The author is in market of local lighting, observe the Internet involvement in lighting industry, found that, except for some dealers do taobao doesn't change anything. Supply channels and contacts in the circle, and even some caused some dealers as O2O services platform. The dealer is not so much revenue. Price increases may shops, some larger than the impact of the Internet, make some dealers have to face the high rent moved, or even leave the lighting industry. Will, of course, some people say that the dealer withdrawal is also absorb a lot of customers because of the Internet. The author observed the Internet electricity does suck some of the buying groups, not so much a few years ago but buy group atrophy of the real estate is the main reason. Real estate development too fast, before or normalized now. Recently news coming from the '1 billion - square - meter vacant brewing risk, China or now nearly 50 ghost towns. Not sell 'house, the corresponding market of lamps and lanterns of cold and cheerless should be normalized. Think carefully, and need less and less, the market of lamps and lanterns in cities is to build more and more. You also don't blindly blame 'Internet e-commerce to absorb the customers'. The Internet has changed the lighting industry the Internet has also changed the lighting industry. This is the most important exhibition project of the exhibition, and also to everyone. To get the products can be seen from their distributors, first of all, the Internet has changed the lighting technology. The development trend of intelligent lighting is also very important. The Internet has changed the way of communication, display, publicity. There are also many household lighting companies will show the tablet as a guide in important ways. The Internet has also made a lot of people have the business opportunity again, the lighting products are sold through the Internet platform. To think that the Internet for the lighting industry a major change, is to put the lighting industry from industry profits industry into general profits. Why is that? The price is more transparent. The emergence of the Internet, it is an important factor in recent years, the price is more and more transparent. The author found that he had visited a dealer agent of brand has never seen, was asked why sell such an unpopular brand? 'don't know what to sell, all know where the profits. 'the dealer said. But from the point of view of economics, industry profits should be? All the industry's profits only are becoming more and more normal, no violent permanent, smart businessman will see this. Where is the Internet changing the future of the lighting industry? Lighting technology co. , LTD. , zhongshan city, the Internet change the lighting industry, change the LED modern lamp, contemporary and contracted office lighting, modern chandeliers, etc. These market segments, is not an action that an industry be reversed. Only Internet began to serve the lighting industry, lighting industry service practitioners, every little bit, slowly with the Internet age, quietly changing the lighting industry. What brand is willing to work with everyone together for lighting lighting set up a new land
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