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The importance of the theory of fireplace chimneys

by:Longjian     2020-10-18
How important is it to chimney? It is the core component of a fireplace, not only has the discharge waste gas, burning in the function of fresh air for combustion, more important is can directly affect the whole fireplace produced by the combustion efficiency of draught, because the strength of the draught determines the amount of air drawn into the chamber of a stove or furnace, and in order to prompt the fireplace complete combustion, and reduce the formation of the wooden pomegranate oil, improve the efficiency of the fireplace, the chimney diameter how much size, height, length of lateral connection and heat preservation effect does need to meet certain hard Numbers. Fireplace, as we all know, burning gas is released by the high temperature of corrosive gas, so its chimney and the selection of pipe in the corrosion resistance of the material with the joining together of continuous operation of the process and the stability to the requirements of high standard, general since the creation of the product or small workshops to produce fake and inferior products is very difficult to do, in addition to the above requirements, used for fireplace chimneys also need to have in the field of easy disassembly, easy to clean and is not afraid of wind and rain. Seemingly simple and straight, the structure of the elbow, in fact it contains chimney's own secret, for example, when the chimney is higher, the heat preservation ability request also is higher, because the tall chimney internal, fireplace, in which exhaust fumes ACTS route is longer, heat loss is very obvious, and even produce geometry, once encounter cold wet low-temperature sees that it is those rain '' house leaks, very prone to flue gas flow backward, heating effect is the phenomenon of poor, if want to avoid this kind of problem, so we are in for the choice of the chimney, you will need to pay attention to the following criteria: 1. Correct and good diameter size of its own, Such as space is 40 - 50 square meters, the high room. 8 meters, fireplace size 1. 7 * 1. 3, the chimney diameter size should be 15 20 cm is preferred) 。 2. To have proper absolute height and relative height ( The chimney is much higher than the housing the top one meter. If you want to increase the draught, will need to increase the height of the chimney) 。 3. Excellent sealing performance with heat preservation ability. 4. Its material conform to the requirements of the building with national fire safety standards, good corrosion resistance and heat resistance. 5. Easy to split and simple installing, convenient for the maintenance of its internal and external cleaning work. When we are in accordance with the requirements for the hard Numbers with reasonable installation fireplace chimneys, again under a certain size, location, chimney relative offset, the most suitable spacing and a series of important reference value about the fireplace efficiency and the use of safe, use this in strict accordance with the standard calculation of heating equipment and chimney, can bring several performance effect is as follows: 1. Ignition operation becomes more simple, can the establishment of the rapid hot and cold air troposphere. 2. Burning fireplace in the working status of exhaust gas to discharge through the chimney, don't worry about the flue gas flow backward. 3. Inside the furnace flame become more vigorous and lively, fun with a significant increase in ornamental effect. 4. In the burning fireplace work open fireplace when adding fuel to the door, there will be no smoke and ashes to escape through the open door of 5. Don't worry will have smoke smell in the space. 6. When burning stop, fireplace, when not working chamber of a stove or furnace not dumping breath air cooling to the room.
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