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The importance of the modern lamp in domestic outfit and the main factors

by:Longjian     2020-08-25
Nordic modern lamp is a kind of alternative lighting atmosphere, it is not only a lamp, it is the essential of modern decoration an ornament, modern meals chandeliers modelling diversity, many styles, choose a suitable for you to decorate a style of art meals chandeliers, let your whole and indoor play the effect of the finishing touch. Art from you selected. Meals chandeliers that beautiful practical and add art to your whole and interior, is also a very important part of the decoration, which is why more and more people attaches importance to the choice of restaurant lamp. The LED is the meaning of light-emitting diodes (leds). Than ever before, the modern lamp after several years of development, the price has been back to the consumer market, but have to say, the Nordic modern lamp still much more expensive than the ordinary energy-saving lamps, mentioning, however, the service life of the modern lamp is much longer, and energy-saving light which can be used for 100000 hours, 100 times more than ordinary light bulbs. The modern lamp energy consumption of only one over ten of the energy-saving lamps. It is because of the modern lamps and lanterns has so many advantages, so it's price is high, but still popular. What are the main factors affecting the modern lighting failure? First of all, we should choose what kind of the modern lamp bead. This is important, the modern lamp beads quality is very important factor. Give some examples, the same represented by wafer 14 mil white light section of the chip, made of common epoxy resin glue and Bai Guangjiao and glue packaging LED white light, single light in 30 degrees environment, after one thousand hours, attenuation data to droop 70%; If encapsulated with low class D failure glue, in the same aging conditions, thousands of hours of light failure is 45%; If the C class low failure glue encapsulation, in the same aging conditions, thousands of hours of light failure is 12%; If a class B low failure glue encapsulation, under the same aging environment, light failure for - thousands of hours 3%; If class A low failure glue, in the same aging conditions, light failure for - thousands of hours 6%. The modern standards of lights on the LED light source is what? We are the first consideration in choosing a LED light source a few questions first, to energy saving, That is to save money) Second, long service life. Third, environmental protection, that is, to be very suitable for household lighting lighting, and do not have harm to people. And so on which kind of the modern lamp bead is suitable for the modern lamp? After our comprehensive investigation found that only the modern lamp bead suit, since 2835 the modern light bead is the LED industry comprehensive performance is stable, the modern lamp bead, light failure in about 3 years can effectively controlled within 30%. If choose the warm white ( 3100 k - 3300K) This light color, very suitable for household lighting.
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