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The five main factors affecting the service life of the LED lamp

by:Longjian     2020-10-17
If you use a light source for a long time, you will gain huge economic benefits and reduce their carbon footprint. According to the system design, luminous flux decrease is a normal process, but can be neglected. When flux decrease very slowly, the system will keep a good state of maintenance without the need for a long time. Compared with other light source in many applications, LED is more outstanding. In order to keep the good states of the system, it is necessary to consider the following five factors. 1. Efficiency of LED desk lamp and the manufacture of the LED module and driver are in certain range of current. Can according to its characteristics, provide ma from 350 to 500 ma and so on electric current of the LED. Many systems are driven in the current range of high value area. 2. Acidic conditions under the condition of some acid, the LED is also very vulnerable, such as high salt content of the coast, in the use of chemicals or manufacture products factory, or in the indoor swimming pool. Though the LED is also built for these areas, but carefully wrapped in closed the cover, and has high IP protection grade. 3. Heat heat affects the luminous flux of LED, and life cycle. The radiator to avoid system from overheating. System heat means that LED desk lamp can allow ambient temperature to be exceeded. LED life depends on the surrounding environment temperature. 4. Mechanical stress in the manufacture, the accumulation or simple actions LED to mechanical stress can also affect the service life of LED desk lamp, sometimes even completely destroy the LED desk lamp. Pay attention to the electrostatic discharge ( ESD) , because it can lead to a brief but high current pulse, and damage of LED and LED driver. 5. Humidity LED performance also depends on the humidity of the surroundings. Because in the humid environment, electronic equipment, metal parts often can quickly damage, began to rust, so try to make the LED systems to avoid damp.
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