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The fireplace? You must know these characteristics

by:Longjian     2020-10-19
The fireplace? Look at its characteristic performance. It features a lot of, such as clean, almost no maintenance, easy to use, can realize the remote control key, simple installation, no building, design flexible, can meet the demand of more personalized, the applicable scope is wide, villas, apartments, hotels, clubs, or bar, hotel, office, is very suitable. Specific as follows: 1, the clean fuel is 95% of the fireplace medicinal or edible, after burning smoke-free, tasteless, non-toxic, clean combustion, the combustion will not appear after the furnace face black or yellow phenomenon seriously, it's as good as new, clean up more so almost no maintenance. 2, convenient to use the fireplace can at any time by button, remote control switch, adjust the fire size, gear can be made into high and low two, or an unlimited number of gear. Construction booms in 3, installation is simple, don't need to install the air duct, the flue, a large fireplace only two or three days to finish the whole installation process, do not delay the operating time, can also be used as mobile. 4, wide scope of fireplace because don't need any utility ( Wood, gas, coal, electricity) In terms of fuel supply, so apply to all building environment ( Hall, hotels, villas, apartments, office, residence, etc. ) Scope of application is very wide. 5, design more flexible fireplace has significant design flexibility, the designs more in line with consumer demand for fireplace function and appearance of individual character. No flue, no hard connection design, superior to the fireplace and gas fireplace needs to have the complexity of the drain line. That is the characteristics of the fireplace. More details welcome consulting fireplace!
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