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The fireplace what kinds, how to choose

by:Longjian     2020-10-20
According to different division standard, the fireplace is divided into a lot of kinds, such as fireplace, false fire fireplace, hanging gas fireplace, fireplace, fireplace, fireplace, pellet fireplace and so on, so should choose which kind of, how should choose again? Let's discuss how we got here. How many kinds of fireplace? 1, according to flame points according to the integrity of the flame, can be divided into the fireplace and copy fireplace. Gas fireplace and fireplace, fireplace, fireplace, etc. Copy fireplace with atomized fireplaces, electric fireplaces, etc. The fireplace write write 2, according to the fuel into the fireplace, fireplace, fireplace, atomization gas fireplace, pellet fireplace, electric fireplace, etc. The fuel use is wood fireplace, characteristic is nature, warmth, low cost, style diversity, security clean; Gas fireplace is using gas, the characteristic is nature, warmth, economy is comfortable, safe cleaning, diverse styles, easy to use; Electric fireplace, with electricity, is the main characteristics of practicality, environmental protection and energy saving, convenient installation. Electronic fireplace write write 3, according to the installation points according to the installation, can be divided into embedded fireplace, detached fireplace. Among them, the independent type fireplace simple installation, can provide radiant heat. Embedded fireplace is the fireplace installed on the wall, the heating effect is very good. Atomization fireplace write write 4, according to the classification according to the different culture, different cultures have British fireplace, fireplace American fireplace, fireplace and so on, French the fireplace pursue law curve of interest and asymmetric, color soft bright, advocating nature and individuality, is with different region amorous feelings. How to choose the fireplace write write my fireplace? It is generally believed that choosing a fireplace can be from the aspects of materials, technology, specific as follows: 1, the material. High temperature burning fireplace can produce red, in the case of false materials will produce distortion, leak, causing security problems, so be sure to pick carefully, to buy good quality high fireplace. The fireplace glass must be high temperature resistant, otherwise meet after cold easily burst. Note that whether or not the fireplace coating environmental protection, and formaldehyde-free, is easy to fall off. Refractory furnace cavity is one of the important parts, fireplace firebrick store hot sex is also very important. Fire smoke tube construction and installation, whether easy leaking waste wood pomegranate oil leakage. In addition to the fireplace fiber rope, door lock switch of the sealing material is durable, the fireplace is the service life is long soft outfit furniture, a high-quality fireplace use fixed number of year and house, the house with a long, fireplace can use how long. So when choosing the fireplace, pay attention to the material or the fireplace, can avoid a lot of trouble back at home. 2, technology ( 1) Complete combustion technology good fireplace should have good air circulation system, on the one hand, to ensure the full combustion, wood burning does not produce harmful carbon monoxide, and also convenient to avoid air flow fast away too much heat and reach the effect of heating. ( 2) Since the function of clean burning fireplace, there will be a solid particles adhere to the oven door glass, glass black dirty, thus influence the degree of beautiful fireplace. Good fireplace will with self-cleaning function, through the secondary ventilation technology, makes the fireplace to clean the glass, manual cleaning, very convenient and environmental protection. ( 3) A newspaper lit fireplace with good technical have a good control system, the trouble you don't have to make a fire. To get a newspaper group, put above some easy to burn wood square, the rack wood again, shut the door then lit newspaper. Can also through the throttle control air into the quantity, so as to control the size of the flame effect. Gas fireplace write write fireplace type many, everybody can when the choose and buy, combinative oneself is actual and demand from the aspects of technology and production materials, at the same time can also be manufacturers of after-sales service, experience, and word of mouth reputation into account, all in all, be sure to shop around, choose carefully. In this paper, by the fireplace arrange release!
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