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The fireplace to teach you how to judge of a 3 d atomization fireplace

by:Longjian     2020-10-21
As is known to all, the collocation of the fireplace in the decoration style is always make the finishing point of the pen, but also is not limited to European and American style before, but gradually extended to Jane European, light and modern luxury, such as new Chinese style more contracted and contemporary style, more and more be favorred is 3 d atomization fireplace. Zhongshan fireplace under small zinn is simply to introduce 3 d atomization fireplace. 3 d atomizing steam fireplace is produced by the hair spray device, lamplight illuminate steam to produce 3 d effect in imitation of a flame. Products can not only meet the traditional fireplace flame effect, and stereo feeling, also can be used as wetting air equipment. Especially in the north, dry in winter, it is essential to a high level of appearance and practical use of the artifact. So the question is how to judge of a 3 d atomization fireplace? 1, the flame effect to realistic. Atomization principle of I mentioned just now is important, is the same principle, but how to make fire it is very important to achieve the best condition. The so-called lifelike, of course, is more close to natural fire is more real. First, the fire burning time is up, the continuous has burst into flames, if there is sagging or couldn't get on the feeling of almost mean. Burst into flames at the bottom of the second, observation, if, as has very strong external force flame burns is not natural, look at our natural fire burning at ordinary times is not so strong sense of stress. Third, flame color green or blue, it is identified at a glance, absolutely can't choose. 2, small sheen from the components under the simple analysis. 3 d atomization fireplace fog machine, light source are wearing parts, such as the quality is critical. From the point of view of long-term use, if choose the internal all parts together or integrated circuit boards, it is a little late problem may all become invalid. So we have to polish eyes can choose the replacement parts. Both intelligent and manual. As provided by the fireplace components of xenon light source life 5000 hours, high quality ultrasonic high-energy hair mist life up to 3000 hours, very trustworthy. 3, on the details of it again: such as the function is more perfect, and water is not convenient, the flame can be adjust, the modelling of flame whether can change, the color can be varied, whether do manual work is delicate, have the perfect after-sales service. All this above is the fireplace give you some advice, if want to know more detail can contact. Willing to provide help for more fireplace lovers.
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