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The fireplace ten big effect!

by:Longjian     2020-10-19
Ten major effect of the fireplace, fireplace in the knowledge that: in fact for the fireplace, a lot of friends only know its heating and adornment effect. If friends of experienced its charm, also may have more experience for its comfort. But you know what? Choose the fireplace heating and many wonderful effect. Small make up today, come and share with you about the fireplace, those you don't know ~ 1, like the sun radiation, the fireplace to prevent calcium deficiency. 2, local high temperature can make indoor air convection, effectively improve the indoor air quality. 3, water vapor in high temperature, can produce rich oxygen ions effectively improve its content. 4, compared with air conditioning, heating of the heat, the fireplace heating is a true Yang, ultimately improve the feng shui. 5, fireplaces, heating the fastest, most direct, observable warmth, more energy saving. 6, dry fireplace heating can adjust air humidity, and moist skin, make skin perspire slightly after bath the fire is the most happiness to enjoy. 7, the fireplace is the messenger of family harmony, family in the fire and evisceration naturally to reunite. Can also be baked cooked food, enjoy the natural flavor. Surround furnace, is also a symbol of like-minded, partner or the partnership is the meaning of theory combined with the fire. 8, fire is the boundary ridge between good and evil, like the fire of animals or people mostly good, useful person or the evil of animals are afraid of fire, thieves see fireplace also fear evaded into three points. 9, people will feel safe and careful steadfast in front of the fireplace, calm and at ease. A visitor in front of the fireplace, courtesy is the highest respect. See the guest as a symbol of their brothers and partners. 10, fireplaces, a symbol of authority, wealth, and love, is the treasure of xingjia prosperous wealth home. House in the suburb, is also a strong defense of the snowstorm, frost, or unexpected disaster, power energy of survival when expired. Only the burning fireplace to heating and cooking food, is the security of human beings.
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