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The fireplace started to replace other heating equipment into the mainstream

by:Longjian     2020-10-21
Now fireplace is from the west came to our China, and gradually occupied the market, will soon replace the air conditioning, heating equipment, become the mainstream. Fireplace has a very good heating effect not only, but also has irreplaceable ornamental effect, romantic and warm atmosphere created by let a person get drunk. Fireplace has simple structure, low price, its in structure is mainly composed of a burning tank and the shell, must use when using manual or other liquid fuel into the combustion of the tank, then use a little spark ignition, and when the combustion of liquid fuel burn after new joined new liquid fuel is needed. Burn down for the first time, this fireplace to add or liquid fuel to cool thoroughly before burning trough can be added to, or high temperature burning trough tend to ignite the fuel fire, in practice, if add or liquid fuel didn't burn down and the user needs to leave or temporarily shut down, can only cover the flame artificial, then the rest of the fuel in the combustion of champagne, wasteful. Fuel source is the world's a big problem, can be made by starch, sugar crops, to today's most environmentally clean energy, and natural gas can only wait for the new air constantly found that continuous production. 。 。 。 。 。 The oil in the world today is only for 41 years, natural gas is only for mining in 35 years, moreover, the data based on production under the condition of unchanged, moreover, the limited resources exploitation difficulty will be more and more big, the cost will also rise, until one day, the oil extraction cost will reach the level of a no one ready for. At present the use of natural gas and cost have obvious difference, has the advantage of already more and more obvious. And from the perspective of the use effect of gas burning out the back to the environment, to human body harmful substances, so had to use glass sealed with flue, ornamental value greatly reduced, the heating efficiency is only less than 60%. And after combustion, emissions from only tiny amounts of carbon dioxide and water vapour, let environmental moisture increase, let a person will not feel very dry, direct combustion of indoor air at the same time, also let a person with a warm eye, heating efficiency can reach more than 100%, this is the fireplace is the real advantage. So, use as fuel, is not to need to install the exhaust air and flue, as long as the proper height of protective glass, can even make it portable fireplace, let the customer follow one's inclinations put in any where it is needed.
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