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The fireplace of the history of China

by:Longjian     2020-10-22
Now the fireplace in China is closely connected with national culture to the east and west. From the foreign missionaries came to China, in addition to publicity their teachings and Gospel, also brought their special articles for daily use, technology products and architectural style, slowly to teach. Here at the same time, the fireplace in living in adornment as the core was brought into to China. Therefore, in Chinese history, the fireplace is the emergence of the earliest in the coastal cities and some developed cities. China really get in touch with the fireplace is China is developing in recent years before. Is that before the Chinese people is still not fully in contact with it, and as the country's reform and opening up and the national rich and strong (powerful), more and more frequent among countries in the communication. That some European household also gradually entered the Chinese market, the fireplace is slowly entered the Chinese families here. Today, the eastern and western culture more closely together, so has a European style building is very common in China, such as western-style household lifestyles also became one of the choice of diversification, the fireplace is also popular with more and more people. Both practical and has a very strong view, is one of the ornaments to choose. So there are a lot of countries abroad fireplace, history has been used to as an important component of home heating, it is also one of decoration accessories, fireplace in a foreign country is a symbol of a warm and peaceful. China has another implication, the fireplace is a symbol of wealth, fashion, and the improvement of quality of life.
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