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The fireplace maintenance methods

by:Longjian     2020-10-19
The fireplace maintenance methods: - — Burning wood often should clean up the chimney. Most of the houses in the U. S. are fireplace, fireplace is burning natural gas, that cannot be used to burn wood fireplace, burning gas is ok, get some fake wood inside flame formation, is also very good. Gas fireplace should pay attention to the flame color, blue or flame front is normal with a little yellow, if it is completely yellow, incomplete combustion, to have someone to check it. If there is a taste, want to turn off the gas valve, please check. — — Need to check before the fire: 1, the chimney was clear, If you buy the old house, I don't know the status of the fireplace before use, let the boiler cleaning workers to check, use the fireplace chimneys to remove once a year, if the fire every day) ; 2, fireplace inside the vent is closed, if vents closed, will be open; 3, and the size of the air vents open to his master, too much more heat loss, too small gas flow backward, some began to open, such as the fire up again after adjustment. How to make a fire? 1, put a piece of kindling right first in the chimney-piece, and then put the wood pile up, generally not more than 8 the wood, the wood to keep space between, to prevent collapsed in the combustion process, the wood so piled up a little attention to. Wood best put more than one year in dry disposal. 2, on the bottom of the furnace frame put some old newspapers such as tinder, lit a match. 3, put the fireplace net in the fireplace to prevent spilling out of Mars. If you have a glass door, fireplace mouth can close the door net first, and then close the glass door. 4, when after the wood to burn, don't forget to close the vents. 5, enjoying the warmth of the fireplace and paying special attention to safety when fire, carrying firewood, dial the fire, to open vents to wear heat resistant gloves. — — Need to check each year: 1, to view a chimney cap cap is a cap with the edge of the metal mesh, it is used to cover the hole at the top of the chimney. It can prevent the rain, birds, animals and all kinds of debris into the chimney. If the chimney cap off or broken, need to timely replacement or repair. 2, test of masonry chimney structure check mortar between the bricks or stones outside, make sure it is complete. The lights into the chimney, the view within the mortar. If mortar disintegrated, be sure to replace. Need to pay attention to the crumbling bricks or whether there is a brick. 3, detecting metal chimney main presence of sag or rusted metal, and screw joint is still there. 4, pay attention to creosote creosote is a kind of combustible material, it is very hard, color dark heavy, like a comb swelled. Arise from the incomplete combustion of wood. Creosote gathered will cause serious fires, so once found that must be removed immediately. 5, timely cleaning carbon carbon is very flammable substances, in black, but softer than creosote. Most of the chimney, in carbon accumulation to 1/8 of an inch of time, we have to clean up in time. After 6, combustion inside the chimney, and the accumulation of attachments to this shiny, like asphalt material is flammable, and extremely difficult to remove it all. 7, smoke, if there's smoke in house, you need to clean up the chimney fragments, and to ensure that the air door is open. If there's a lot of smoke coming out of the chimney, which showed that the wood didn't get the full combustion.
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