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The fireplace let you feel at home

by:Longjian     2020-10-21
In the tradition of western life, fireplace was once a family reunion, the core area of the emotional communication. When the night fell quietly, the whole family back in succession, after finish work, go to bed before, gather, around in front of the fireplace. Relationship with love and warmth - People are the two most basic yearning heart, beyond actually using the function of the fireplace, become the symbol of an emotion. And toasty warm feeling, and jump, flickering flames, even today, remains a happy under the cold weather. Style and development of the modern fireplace was affected by technology and space limitations, fireplace can only be installed in a big house, in recent years the emergence of a new fireplace, don't need a chimney, and flexible installation location, fireplace and becoming a family to be bestowed favor on newly. Fireplace almost all currently on the market can be removed, composed of mantel and fireplace in the core, the former have adornment effect, which have practical effect. Mantel material a lot, including marble, wood, resin, metal, brick pile, etc. , fireplace in the core is mainly composed of electric fireplace. That is to say, now buy fireplace, buy a modular furniture is so simple. The fireplace - in one of two ways The collocation of open and closed mantel and fireplace in the core, and make the fireplace had closed and open. Enclosed fireplace hearth in the glass heat efficiency is high, and clean sanitation, available in more than 20 years, technology has been very mature, can reach the central heating system of heating effect, and special technology, can make glass furnace hood keep bright for a long time. However the fire bare in open fireplace in the air, while the thermal efficiency is low, as a simple heating is not very ideal, has a strong nostalgia and romantic feelings. Choose different materials, different styles of mantel matching, can be placed in any place can imagine: desk, floor, or in one of the most ethereal one of electric fireplace, on both sides of the stainless steel mantel nearby, even can put in the middle of the bedroom. Creative people, can also use the micro stereo equipment installed on the mantelpiece, flowing out the warm in the night music, romantic and dreamy. When old flames through thousands of years, in the most modern mantel design jumping, flashing, brought about by the, remains constant, good wish for love and warmth.
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