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The fireplace is originally this choice of fuel

by:Longjian     2020-10-18
As the name implies, fireplace need fuel is wood, and any kind of wood will need plenty of curing and drying, residues in green plants in the water will reduce the thermal efficiency and creosote generated in the chimney ( This kind of material is the chimney of the fire to blame) , one year or 6 months in advance to prepare it is very necessary, as the Chinese old saying says 'knife and cutting wood workers', again with for wood in advance of the sorting, processing, just right. Keep the best way to keep the wood drying of wood drying is it in a wooden shed or garage. If the condition does not allow, the best will be needed for the fireplace wood piled up at a specific location to keep its is not affected by changes in the weather, don't directly to the wood pile up on the ground, because the surface moisture, cold air will gather in this, once the condensation, moisture will form. The best way is to put the wood on the tray, use waterproof cloth cover, cover is not covered, because you need to ensure that the air circulation, principle, like air basks in the dried meat, it to set aside 15 25 cm clearance space, so that air can cyclicly dry wood. Choice of wood is very key, make sure you buy wood has been processed or you have plenty of time to deal with them. Processed wood generates more heat, burning clean, yi was lit. In terms of experience, this kind of wood it is gray, relatively light. The heavy wood that there is still a SAP. • don't burning with painted or treated waste, because this type of burning wood will release harmful chemicals to your home. • wood stored in a well-ventilated area, use plastic tarpaulin or mulch to protect it from damage. Please remember - No matter what type of wood you use, should be arranged in September before cleaning the fireplace chimneys, to ensure that its performance is good, prepare for the upcoming winter winds. Proper operation also essential pine is rich in fat, they are good combustion and ignition, but should not be used as the main fuel, because of the burning pine will produce creosote, hardwoods such as hickory is excellent fuel, per cubic centimeter of combustion heat than cork, because density and a series of reasons, burning time will be longer. Insist on using treated timber is very necessary to more than one year, they burn adequately, not easy to generate a lot of smoke and creosote, environmentally friendly at the same time, also more warm. The flue gas generated in the hearth - in 250 475 degrees Fahrenheit temperature into the flue, basically does not damage, the flue is no soot set, damper on the control of furnace body, in order to keep the gas in this range. Keep the stove clean. Remove excess on the stove ashes on a regular basis to prevent clogging and smolder. Smarter or more effectively the combustion will make your wood supply and make clean chimney for a relatively long time. Choose modern fireplace can make all this happen more convenient nature. The matters of attention in the ignition check whether fireplace damper is open. Ensure the effluent of the chimney, rather than in air to the room. Don't put coated with paint wood in a furnace. Plastic products such as PVC materials that contain chlorine cannot be used for fuel. These things are in the process of combustion will release toxic gases. Do not use driftwood from the sea, containing salt will into a poisonous chlorine when burnt. When the ignition, on both sides of the pad thick two pieces of wood. Then you can put on a few fold between these two pieces of wood to ignite the paper, then, you can use on dry combustible thin pieces of wood into a wood pile. If necessary, use material can add more. If the fire is too popular, the chimney by the heat produced great pressure. To ensure that the furnace flame in a modest way. Make sure don't smoldering flames, because that would produce the most serious pollution. The best state is when normal furnace flame combustion, the smoke from the chimney should be almost invisible, not how much color. This is the fireplace in the matters needing attention when a fire, and maintain the fire is a fairly simple process, the real difficulty is the 'homework' in advance, in order to we can get warm in the winter as well as security, it is very important to prepare, don't bother, this is we consider for yourself, doing what preparations should be.
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