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The fireplace installation considerations

by:Longjian     2020-10-21
A 1, do not use flammable liquids, safety measures, such as gasoline to ignite the fireplace; 2, do not use wood, clothing, furniture, paper and other combustible in distance is too close to the fireplace; 3, installing a fireplace and chimney should be set aside enough safe distance 4, don't burn the wet wood. 5, don't burn garbage, will pollute the environment, and harmful to the body. 6, don't be in the process of burning violently 7, use the fireplace, please keep the fire doors closed ( When adding timber except) 8, vertical chimney height should be 4 m or more, please put the fireplace in the stone base made of incombustible material (such as Platform) On 10, fireplaces, broken glass, do not use. 11, please do not let children near the burning fireplace, since the glass and the temperature of the furnace body is very high. Second, lit fireplace 1, open fireplace in the upper air inlet 2, will be two to three piece of kindling into the fireplace (at the bottom of the combustion chamber Can use newspaper as kindling, but will produce too much, hard to clean up grey) 3, put (the three, and four wood cross A pyramid) On the kindling, such helpful for air flow, are more likely to light; 4, with a cigarette lighter light the kindling, closed fireplace door; Almost no smoke emissions to indoor; If the weather is too cold, or outdoor air pressure is too low, there may be a cigarette ignited, please open the room door for a few minutes. 5, 10 minutes later, or see a fire in the grate combustion in good condition, room door can be closed; Three, the first few times use the fireplace 1, the first few times use the fireplace, please keep the fire small combustion state, which is beneficial to the fireplace outside high-temperature paint curing; 2, the first few times, use the fireplace, the room may have the flavor of the high-temperature paint, this is normal, please keep the room well ventilated. 4, 1 normal use of the fireplace, fireplace lit after 20 - 30 minutes will reach normal state and temperature of combustion at air inlet can be small, maintain economic combustion state; 2, to add wood, the inlet up first, after a few seconds gently opened the door of the fireplace, put lumber in; 3, dispatch inlets, up and down, or will the check valve is opened, the chimney can increase the amount of fresh air into the furnace, some help burning; On the other hand, can slow burning velocity. 4, when you don't use the fireplace, fireplace chimneys in the check valve can be closed, to prevent outside air into the indoor. Five, to keep burning fireplace burning all night long, all night can operation according to the following steps: 1, augmenting the air inlet; 2, will be dry, large pieces of wood with a stove or furnace; 3, after all the wood began to burn, slowly down air inlet; 4, close the fan ( If it is equipped with fan model) Six, the oven door seal oven door seal is used for sealing and fixed oven door and glass fiber. In order to the safe use of the fireplace, if the sealing strip breakage please change in time. Seven, fireplaces, clean with a clean, slightly damp cloth to clean the hearth furnace, please do not use abrasives and polish. Eight, the chimney clean to prevent wood tar on the chimney, you may need to use the fireplace chimneys brush to regularly clean chimney of the fireplace. Regularly lit fireplace severe burn a few hours, can clean the chimneys automatically. 9 don't burned wet, wet wood timber. If the wood humidity, can lead to black fireplace glass or the chamber of a stove or furnace, and the heat generated by the too low. Used wood burning fireplace should cover and placed in a dry place. Lit fireplace will don't put lumber in the distance is too close to the fireplace. Ten, lit the first few times when lit fireplace, intense burning, please don't keep the fireplace with low temperature, it will help to protect the service life of high temperature resistant paint outside the fireplace, the first few times lighting the fireplace with high temperature resistant taste, and it is normal for the fireplace, please open the window to keep ventilated, burning a few times, no smell. Eleven, soot combustion clean wood won't produce too much ashes, please don't burning the wood or dirty. Ash removal, please make sure no redness, not complete combustion of wood, with steel container to ashes, and pour in a safe place, or used as gardener waters. Twelve glass 1, burning fireplace, fireplace doors, wood glass away in the distance as far as possible, don't let the flame of direct contact with the glass; 2, fireplace doors open and close, please be careful, don't against closed, to avoid glass breakage; 3, glass is broken, can't continue to use the fireplace, please change in time; 4, clean, with a slightly damp cloth and stained with fireplace ash gently wipe the glass, then wipe dry with a clean cloth. Don't use other organic cleaning supplies or friction agent to clean the glass. 13, the maintenance 1, clean the glass, please with the intelligent system of glass cleaning, spray paint surface intelligent cloth (2 Can be a wet cloth) To clean up 3, warning: must wait for the furnace cooled to thoroughly clean the fourteenth, common problems and their solutions, can't normal combustion causes: the solution 1, ignition is not in accordance with the corresponding just refer to 'ignition tips' 2, a chimney ventilation effect increased bad smoke tube or installation at 3, fuel too much reference 'fuel' the maximum 4, reference 'clean-burning' fuel dry enough two, and normal or add wood smoke when burning out cause: solution 1, inadequate burning 2, smoke tube tight bad check interface and then 3, glass door open too fast to open the door to slow
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