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The fireplace in the development of Shanghai

by:Longjian     2020-10-22
The fireplace development especially in Shanghai, overlooking the bund in Shanghai all nations buildings to witness the history of China's foreign trade since 1840, these buildings are not building decoration tastes core - the period The fireplace. Including the rest of the European public buildings and gardens in Shanghai villa are also appeared a variety of styles fireplace. In the qing dynasty famous wu youru drawing complete works, a record of a Chinese woman eat western-style food picture, vividly depicts the western way of life for the influence of Chinese traditional culture. Figure, dressed in traditional costumes of the Chinese women in the study of western etiquette and eat western food, and the background of the picture is a fireplace. In front of the fireplace with western food has become a fashionable way of life, and here, electric fireplace has become an important way of life symbol.
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