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The fireplace in China's development process

by:Longjian     2020-10-21
In the Stone Age, ancient residents always first which set in the middle of the room, is the core of the whole family activity, to render effective thermal radiation, fireplace center with three to five inches of green flag into the design of the three feet square, equipped with a tripod, ding POTS and pans, etc. Heating, dispel the beast, it is undeniable that the ring of fire and custom, regardless of the east and the west, is yes, which just developed into the fireplace in the west, while in our country development become prevalent in southwest ethnic folklore. The middle of the eighth century, the arabs through the silk road of tang empire shining in the dark ages of Europe, brought hope to the Renaissance. In the early 16th century, the qing foreigner officials brought a second collision between Chinese and western culture; After 1840, Europe's use of force to break the barriers of China, on the other hand, it had a new set up to the blend of Chinese and western road, also for the modern society, the friction between the two sides to firm up the basis for the collision. 1. Bud: 1840 - — 1949 fireplaces development period and Chinese modern architectural history perfectly match the time line. The concept of modern Chinese architectural history is made by Mr Hu Sheng Suggestions put forward in the 1980 s, and get the scholars generally agree that in the industry. 1900 - — 1937 years, different styles of architecture types into China, from then on, Chinese building and indoor study into caused abnormality development. In Hong Kong, Macao, guangzhou, Shanghai and other early trading ports, western colonists established the Portuguese, English, French, all kinds of house at the same time, it will come from different countries of different styles style fireplace introduced China, although the first contact with the modern fireplace is full of blood, but in the long history of architecture, is a major is. 2. Transition: 1949 - — 1978 after the founding of new China, both in politics, economy and culture and arts, social form gravitated to the big brother of the Soviet union, look, this time China's large Numbers of the Soviet union experts invited to visit China, including many architects and interior designers, at a time when the Soviet neoclassicism, China workers also used the form of the Soviet union. Led to a lot of ubiquitous embossed designs. The characteristics of the architecture and design is the reaction characteristic about political, rather than building and design itself, so during this period, the fireplace is in a stagnant state of development. 3. The rapid development: 1978 - — Today after a simple - — Imitation - — Chaos - — Development stage, China's interior design under the impact of traditional and modern, in the schools of thought contend, constantly trying, constantly try again after failure, the essence of all countries are China's young designers for mining in order to meet the individual character, through unknown black science and technology create conditions for the future. Fireplace is in this context to get fast development, the west's household soul has been moved to the Chinese people at home, after the collocation of rich Oriental elements, alone into one. But until now, China) Fireplace at the stage of development, but with the development of economy and the world communication increasingly frequent, with the architecture and design in the American, European, pastoral, loft, the Mediterranean, and so on many kinds of style, the old fireplace in the more ancient nation, with,,,, 3 d atomization, many forms of electricity, from the attention of more and more, is no longer synonymous with unpopular rare. Alone the promotion efficiency with the use of the fireplace, a big gap between China and the west is a lot of interested owners, designers can't find ways to buy, this is oriented with the research on consumer market in the propaganda of dereliction of duty, so this consciousness and western distinctive adornment fireplace real goods, also need plenty of time to precipitation, can take the steed galloping ( But the difficulty is not influence the favour of the owner and designer for the fireplace) 。
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